Sam Childers Net Worth – Income Sources And See His Philanthropic Works

Sam Childers net worthSam Childers is widely famous for his philanthropic works, mainly for children of Africa. Image Source: Twitter/ Sam Childers.

Sam Childers is not an unfamiliar face, mainly to the ones who are involved in social service. He is mostly famous for his humanitarian works in the war zones, especially in East Africa. More than two decades ago, Childers did alcohol and drugs, sold drugs illegally, and was a member of a notorious biker gang, Outlaws.

However, later, he withdrew himself from all of them, transformed into a man of Faith, and rescued children in different parts of the world. Being involved in benevolent works and rescuing thousands of children in need is not an easy job as people see it. The social activist needs funding and support from various other sources. Sometimes Sam has to spend from his own pocket also.

So, how much is Sam Childers’ net worth, and how does he manage to rescue and help children in the war zone? Find it out all here.

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Sam Childers Net Worth And Earnings

According to various online sources, the social reformer Sam Childers’ net worth is estimated to be $500 thousand. However, with his increasing fame, business, and supporters, his net value has increased significantly over the years. Hence, let’s learn what Sam Childers’ earning sources are and how he handles his money to give continuity to his philanthropic works below.

Earnings From His Previous Jobs

Aforementioned, Sam Childers was one of the members of the infamous American motorcycle club, Outlaws, and was a drug dealer too. He began drinking alcohol, smoking pots, and using drugs from his early teenage days. Soon, Childers was into different types of drugs, as both a user and a dealer.

Eventually, Sam earned enough money from drug dealing to buy his first big motorcycle. After buying his first bike, he joined different motorcycle clubs, including the Outlaws, the Hells Angels, and the Pagans.

Sam Childers net worth
Sam Childers amassed several dollars from his previous jobs as a drug dealer. Image Source: Facebook/ Sam Childers.

Besides being engaged in drug dealing and riding along with motorcycle clubs, Sam Childers also earned from his construction business in the past. For some years, he worked as a full-time construction worker and later started his own construction company.

However, Sam liquidated his construction business later, after being a born-again Christian. We hope he might have earned several dollars from his then-business before ending it.

Moreover, before his transformation, Sam Childers had 15 pit bulls, some antique-gun collections, and a home, which he sold for his regular trips to Africa to help needy peoples.

Earnings As An Evangelical Preacher

Famous by the name Machine Gun Preacher, Sam Childers is an evangelical preacher who gives his sermons around different parts of the globe. Moreover, Childers is also the founder and president of the Central City, Pennsylvania-based Shekinah Fellowship Church, which he founded along with his wife, Lynn Childers. Sam Childers’ church, which looks more like an abandoned high-school auditorium, is open to all without judgment.

As an evangelical preacher, Sam Childers speaks in various churches, clubs, events, or meetings around the United States and some other countries. He might be getting an impressive amount of money from the organizers for his lectures, which adds to his growing fortune.

Apart from that, Sam’s earnings from his own ministry and its subsections are also helping him to secure his financial stability.

Earnings From His Books

Well, Sam is a man of multiple talents. He is also an author of a couple of books based on his life and his battle to save children in need. Some of the books by Childers and their prices are listed below.

BooksKindlePaperback/ Hardcover
Historic Dallas Hotels (2010)$12.99$21.99/ $31.99
Another Man's War: The True Story of One Man's Battle to Save Children in the Sudan (2009)$4.99$9.20/$37.35
Living On The Edge (2014)$8.49$907.99

Moreover, a movie named ‘Machine Gun Preacher‘ was made in 2011, based on one of Sam Childers’ books, Another Man’s War. American screenwriter Jason Keller, director Marc Forster, and actors Michelle Monaghan, Michael Shannon, and Gerard Butler teamed up to bring the life of Childers before the public. They also took the help of Ian Urbina‘s article about Sam in Vanity Fair and the real Sam himself.

The production team of Machine Gun Preacher spent a total budget of $30 million. However, according to Box Office Mojo, the movie “Machine Gun Preacher” earned only $3,338,690 from its worldwide release, hardly 1/10 of its budget. Nevertheless, Sam also might have got some amount as his share from the movie.

Childers’s Orphanage In East Africa

Sam Childers is involved in philanthropic works since his transformation into Christianity in mid-1992. In 1998, he went to Africa for the first time with the SPLA soldiers, using his meager savings. During the trip, an incident of a child killed by a hidden landmine traumatized and changed Sam. This might be because Childers himself is a father.

So, he built an orphanage for rescuing the children in the war zone of South Sudan, despite vocal opposition from LRA. Sam named his South Sudan-based Children’s Village Orphanage, Angels of East Africa.

One night after Sam Childers built his orphanage, LRA (Lord’s Resistance Army) burnt it to the ground. However, he did not give up and rebuilt it. Today, Childers’ orphanage is one of the largest orphanages in Africa, which serves over 1800 meals a day, and runs medical clinics. Similarly, it has reunited over 1500 orphans with their families.

Also, over the years, Sam and his team members have built several schools and orphanages in Uganda, South Sudan, and Ethiopia.

Reportedly, Sam Childers sold most of his assets like his bikes, lands, and pit bulls in the beginning, to open the orphanage and manage resources for the rescued children. But, now, he has many helping hands worldwide, and he collects millions by organizing different charity events in several places and via social networking handles.

Sam buys clothes, foods, and other necessary items for the orphans with the money accumulated from donations and charity events. Moreover, he uses the money for rescuing other kids, paying the orphanage workers, and other chores related to the orphanage. On top of that, Sam’s organization also teaches trades and skills to the kids, from a commercial farm to hotels and restaurants.

Furthermore, the activist has also inspired his daughter, Paige Childers to help others. The Childers family has a generous heart and does not hesitate to aid those in need.

Income From His Store

Besides earning from various sources, Sam Childer’s net worth’s credit also goes to his MGP Rat Bike Shop, located at 7368 Lincoln Highway, Central City, Pennsylvania. His shop not only sells motorcycle mechanics but also specializes in upscale bikes and old-school bikes. Moreover, people can purchase different items of clothing, Childers’ books, and many more from its online store.

Some items available on MGP Rat Bikes’ store, along with their price, are listed below.

MGP AK47 TEE$25.00
MGP Tank Top$20.00
Long Sleeve MGP Tee$30.00
Machine Gun Preacher Documentary$21.20

Besides the prices of custom-made cars and bikes you can buy from the avid biker, Sam Childers’ store are listed below;

  • 2005 Custom HD Sportster: $9K
  • 2013 Panhead Custom: $28K
  • 1948 Hudson Commorade: $18K
  • 1948 International Truck: $20K

Also, Sam Childers often keeps his custom-made Harley Davidson bikes from his shop on a raffle to raise funds for his orphanage in Africa and other poverty-stricken people.

The tattoo-lover Sam Childers’s income from his bike store goes into his Angels of East Africa Organization. When you buy awesome merchandise from Sam’s store, you also make a huge impact on a child’s life with every purchase.

So, Sam Childers’ life is dedicated to the underprivileged children and people in Africa. He earns enough to continue his philanthropic deeds, pay taxes, have insurance, and give a classy life to his family. Though the figure of Sam Childers’ net worth might not be that high, he is obviously one of the world’s richest people by heart.

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