5 Interesting Facts About Elena Lyons’ Daughter Sabrina Cardone

Elena Lyons' Daughter Sabrina CardoneElena Lyons' Daughter Sabrina Cardone oozes confidence like no other being. Image Source: Elena's Instagram.

The former actress Elena Lyons is now an author, businesswoman, event producer, mentor, trainer, etc. She also developed a curriculum to assist aspiring people and lays the groundwork for both men and women to train them to create and maintain both career and marriage.

Besides having a thriving career, Lyons is also a doting mother of two daughters and a loving wife to Grant Cardone. The Cardone couple exchanged vows in 2004 and have been building an empire themselves. Likewise, they are also raising their kids to be more confident and outgoing.

Therefore, here are five facts about Elena Lyons’ daughter, Sabrina Cardone.

Was Born In 2009

Aforementioned, the Cardone power duo exchanged their vows in 2004 amidst friends and families in an intimate ceremony. The couple started building their own career and became one of the most influential motivational speaker duo. They also created their own ventures and gained massive success in them.

One of the significant accomplishments the Cardone family can boast about is their kids. Elena welcomed her first child, a daughter, Sabrina Cardone, in 2009. The pair held their first bundle of joy with excitement and couldn’t wait to welcome their second child.

Thus, Sabrina became an older sister to Scarlett Cardone in 2011. Since they do not have that big age gap, they bond pretty quickly. Furthermore, Scarlett is pretty intelligent and confident herself. Hence, the Cardone siblings connect very well and help one another grow as individuals.

Moreover, the oldest child is naturally the parents’ favorite, and they plan on an extensive level for their kids. Likewise was the case of Sabrina, but she is growing up in a robust household environment surrounded by mentors and other notable personality,

As a result, Grant and Elena Cardone‘s daughter, Sabrina Cardone, started a channel of her own.

A YouTuber & Garners 22.8K Followers On Instagram

Aforementioned, Elena Lyons’ girls are already very confident and show a significant inclination towards show business. Furthermore, Sabrina already started her YouTube channel where she shares vlogs.

Sabrina also rates baby products and other interesting content. Though she started her channel in 2017, Cardone already entertains 1.4K subscribers with 33 uploads till today. Her sister, Scarlett, has also been featured in a few videos.

Besides YouTube, Elena’s baby girl, Sabrina, also took over her show, The G&E Show, and interviewed her mother. Moreover, Elena revealed that her baby made questions of her own and was visibly very excellent at presenting herself on camera.

Along with YouTube and her mother’s YouTube channel, Sabrina also has an Instagram with over 22.8K followers at age 11. Cardone often shares pictures of her family and excerpts of videos she uploaded on YouTube.

Elena Lyons’ Daughter Sabrina Cardone Gives Inspirational Advice At Age 10

Elena Lyons’ kid with her husband, Grant Cardone, Sabrina not just uploads videos on YouTube but was a speaker at her father’s venture, 10X Growth Conference.

Grant Cardone’s daughter stood up on the stage, poised and comfortable, spoke as to how an experienced mentor/motivational speaker would talk. The clarity in her voice made people applaud while her father was filled with pride.

Elena Lyons' Daughter Sabrina Cardone
Elena Lyons’ Daughter Sabrina Cardone loves to speak to people and isn’t afraid of mass speaking. Image Source: Sabrina’s Instagram.

During the conference, Sabrina talked about how she felt stuck as a 10-year-old. She also shared her discomfort as people talk about the ten y/o and not to the ten y/o. She further confessed that she was ready to take responsibility and couldn’t wait to grow up and work.

At the age of 10, Elena Lyons’ baby girl, Sabrina, spoke in front of thousands of people and somewhat motivated them to learn more and work harder. She, at age 10, has the confidence many aspire to gain during their middle age.

Sabrina also emphasized the meaning of 10X in front of thousands of people. She further compelled them to listen to her, word by word. Thus, it’s plausible how effective parenting takes a role in raising a capable child-like Sabrina herself.

Sabrina Cardone Is Sporty

Besides YouTube and public speaking, Grant Cardone’s daughter  Sabrina is also interested in sports, particularly boxing. While going through her Instagram, we were able to find her fondness for the sport as she practiced it with her coach.


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A post shared by Sabrina Cardone (@realsabrinacardone)

Moreover, Sabrina also loves skateboarding, horse riding, and surfing. She is also a great fan of reading books and recently uploaded a video on her IG claiming she’s fallen in love with the Hunger Games.

Sabrina is an all-rounder, and she’s been homeschooled along with her younger sister, Scarlett. This allowed the family to remain intact and spend more quality time together.

Moreover, Elena and Grant’s babygirl is thankful for her parents and enjoys their company. She already sounds like an adult with big plans for the future. Thus, we can’t wait but to see her grow.

Sabrina’s Parents Are A Power Duo

The beautiful brunette, Sabrina Cardone’s parents, are purely a powerful duo. The couple has been together since 2003. Moreover, they have been a massive supportive pillar for one another’s success.

Moreover, Sabrina Cardone’s parents, Elena Lyon Cardone and Grant Cardone, exchanged vows in 2004 and never regretted a moment of it. In one of Grant’s blogs, he revealed that his first marriage lasted a few months while his second marriage with Elena is still going strong, and his wife is on the same page as him.

Therefore, the secret behind the decade-long marriage of the Cardones is their mutual understanding and passionately driven entrepreneurship. The relationship that started in 2003 has blossomed throughout the years to build a business empire and a family of four.

Elena Lyons’ daughter Sabrina Cardone has real role models in her family and is growing up with all the significant influences. Thus, we cannot wait to see this aspiring young girl in the future.

Name Meaning- Sabrina

The name Sabrina has a Latin origin, which means From The River Severn.

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