Elena Lyons’ Daughter Scarlett Cardone Has 14K+ Followers On Insta, A Social Media Star?

Elena Lyons' Daughter Scarlett CardoneElena Lyons' Daughter Scarlett Cardone is beautiful, young and confident. Image Source: Scarlett's Instagram.

The Cardone family is making history after starting their own reality tv show, Undercover billionaire. The family of four is living a lavish lifestyle, given that both Grant Cardone and Elena Cardone, aka Elena Lyons, are motivational speakers.

Furthermore, Elena started her Hollywood career and succeeded in making a name for herself in the television world. She later transitioned her career as an author and currently hosts her own show, Women in Power, and The 10X Ladies Network & The G&E Show alongside her husband.

The Cardone couple has built an impressive family and welcomed two beautiful daughters. Here, we shall be talking about the youngest and the most confident in the family, Scarlett Cardone.

Born Second To Grant Cardone & Elena Lyons

Aforementioned, the Cardone couple is at the peak of their career as motivational speakers. However, another accomplishment would be welcoming two beautiful daughters into the world.

Grant and Elena Cardone got married in 2004 and welcomed two daughters, Scarlett Cardone being the youngest. Born in 2011, she is already a star in her own right. Furthermore, the 9-years-old is stunning and is growing up in a very jolly family environment.

Moreover, Scarlett also shares her childhood with her older sister, Sabrina Cardone. She was born in 2009, and by the age of 11, she already managed to speak up in public without fear. Sabrina also teaches her baby sister to radiate confidence as she does. Likewise, Elena Cardone, aka Elena Lyons‘ daughter, Scarlett Cardone, loves singing, dancing and is more inclined to the creative side.

During an interview, Scarlett said that she is known as the ‘Broadway’ in the family because of her immense love for music and dance. She also added that she loves animals to the maximum. Thus, we might as well see Scarlett on the big screen in the coming days.

But Scarlett’s journey to fame already started as she has over 14K followers on Instagram.

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Instagram Star With 14K+ Followers

As mentioned earlier, Elena Lyons’ daughter with Grant Cardone, Scarlett, is already a star. At the young age of 9, she already garners 14k+ followers on her Instagram.

Moreover, Scarlett Cardone’s Instagram is filled with her selfies, times she spent with her family, and travel days. Furthermore, going through her social media, she seems close to both her parents and sister.

Apart from the fact that Scarlett is an internet personality and speaks effortlessly, she is still a young child who loves to ride a bicycle and spends time with her granny during holidays.


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Scarlett is also featured on her sister Sabrina’s YouTube channel every once in a while. She further spoke in front of the mass, boosting them and actively learning from the process herself.

Elena Lyons’ Daughter, Scarlett Cardone ‘Chose’ To Be Confident

Aforementioned, Elena Lyons and Grant Cardone’s daughter, Scarlett, is already a famous personality. Since her family already addresses her as Broadway, the only thing she needs is a movie to star in now.

Because Scarlett oozes confidence, she is often asked how she got it. The voice so clear as any professional speaker, Cardone is aware of people’s perception towards her. When asked about how she got that confidence from, Scarlett revealed that she was “put in front of people at a very young age,” and she became comfortable with the crowd.

Elena Lyons' Daughter Scarlett Cardone.
Elena Lyons’ Daughter Scarlett Cardone chose to be confident and open to communication. Image Source: Scarlett’s Instagram.

Elena’s baby girl also added that one is not born with confidence but being confident is a choice. Hence, she ‘choose’ to be confident and ‘choose’ to talk to people.

Moreover, Scarlett also talked about how her father, Grant, encourages her to speak with the public. She clarified that her father does not put her in an uncomfortable environment rather ‘plops’ her ‘purposely’ in a circumstance where she could meet people & make friends.

Well, Elena Lyons Cardone and Grant Cardone’s daughter, Scarlett Cardone, has a big personality with big dreams and capabilities and contacts. Therefore, we are sure to hear more of her robust multiple careers.

Name Meaning- Scarlett

The name Scarlett has an English origin, which means red.

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