Meet Bella Boone – Photos Of Aaron Boone’s Daughter

Aaron Boone's Daughter, Bella BooneBella Boone is the daughter of New York Yankees' Manager Aaron Boone. Image Source: Bella Boone VSCO.

Celebrity children are frequently subjected to media scrutiny, with or without consent. And Aaron Boone‘s daughter, Bella Boone, is no exception. However, unlike other kids who fawns over the attention, Bella is uninterested in the spotlight that many can only dream of.

When it comes to the daughter of such a skilled former baseball infielder and current New York Yankees’ manager, many questions remain unanswered. So, naturally, people are intrigued with the secrecy and want to learn about her whereabouts.

Well, let’s take a peek at this article to find out more about Boone’s baby girl and see what she’s been up to lately.

Is Aaron Boone’s Only Daughter

Bella Boone was born to Aaron Boone and Laura Cover in 2009. The pair already had a son Brandon Boone before they welcomed their daughter to their loves. Bella’s brother was born on July 4, 2005. Additionally, she also has two adopted brothers.

Aaron Boone's Daughter Bella Boone.
Bella Boone is the only daughter of Aaron Boone and Laura Cover. Image Source: Bella Boone VSCO.

Unlike her brothers, Aaron Boone’s daughter was raised away from the media. Similarly, Bella has done an excellent job in avoiding the limelight altogether. As a result, little information regarding Boone’s baby girl is known.

Nonetheless, Bella must be living a comfortable lifestyle given the fact that her father is one of the wealthiest baseball managers. So, we can only imagine how much she is pampered as Aaron Boone and Laura Cover’s only daughter.

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Has Two Adopted Brothers

Although Bella’s parents had no intention of adding any additional members to their family, a quick trip to Haiti quickly changed their minds. They saw how the Haitian people were devastated by a horrific earthquake two years before the trip.

So, while Bella has a brother of her own, she is also a sister to two adopted brothers, Jeanel Boone, and Sergot Boone. Her parents adopted the two in 2014, only three years after her birth. However, Jean and Sergot did not join their family in the US until 2014.


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However, unlike her brothers, Bella has completely avoided the media. Consequently, her whereabouts still remain a mystery. Nonetheless, Aaron Boone’s daughter appears to be close to her siblings and can be seen enjoying the holidays with her family.

Bella’s Mother Was Pregnant With Her When Her Father Underwent Open-Heart Surgery

To say the least, hearing that a family member will need open heart surgery is upsetting. However, the news must have been ten times more terrifying when you learn you’ll have to undergo surgery while expecting a child.

So we can only imagine how traumatizing it must have been for the Boone family when Aaron had to have open-heart surgery to replace a bicuspid aortic valve while Laura was pregnant with Bella.

Fortunately, Boone’s operation was successful at Stanford University Hospital in California. Moreover, Bella’s father even returned to baseball just five months after his operation.

The family is currently living a calm life, and we wish them many more years of happiness.

Did Not Follow In Her Father’s Footsteps

We can all agree that childrens look up to their parents as role models. And when you have a renowned baseball player as a father figure, there are a lot of exceptions to keep his legacy alive. Therefore, naturally, it was only a matter of time before one of Aaron Boone’s children began to follow him.

While Bella’s siblings are all engaged in some form of sports, she does not appear to have developed a taste for athletics. In addition, while her brothers are frequently seen at their father’s games, Bella rarely attends one.

Aaron Boone's Daughter, Bella Boone.
Bella, unlike her siblings, did not follow in her father’s footsteps and pursue an athletic career. Image Source: Bella Boone VSCO.

Regardless, whatever Aaron Boone’s daughter decides to do in the future, she will definitely be successful. For the time being, we wish her the best and hope she succeeds at what she does best.

Prefers A Private Lifestyle

As mentioned above, Aaron Boone’s baby girl prefers to steer away from the spotlight and, to date, has done a decent job in staying out of reach from the media altogether.

While the young one prefers not sharing her life with the public, Aaron Boone occasionally shares pictures of his kid on his social media, admiring her. So, even though Bella does not flaunt her lifestyle on social media, it is evident that she is still close with her family.

Still, we hope that Aaron’s daughter will become more comfortable with the media and appear more in the spotlight as the years’ progress.

Name Meaning

Bella is an Italian female name that means beautiful.

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