Meet Brielle Underwood – Photos Of Blair Underwood’s Daughter With Wife Desiree DaCosta

Blair Underwood's daughter Brielle UnderwoodBlair Underwood's daughter Brielle Underwood is living a comfortable life away from the social scrutiny. Image Source: Brielle's Instagram.

Blair Underwood is a Grammy Award winner and two times Golden Globe Award-nominated actor who debuted in 1985 musical film, Krush Groove. He further appeared in multiple films, including Just Cause, Deep Impact, Jaunita, City of Angels, LAX, etc.

Besides being a successful actor, Blair Underwood is a proud father of three with long-time ex-partner, Desiree DaCosta. The former pair married in 1994 and raised two sons and a daughter. Therefore, today, we will be tailing Underwood’s daughter, Brielle Underwood.

Second Born In The Underwood Family

Aforementioned, Blair Underwood is a proud father of three with his once beloved wife, Desiree DaCosta. The pair welcomed their first child, Paris Underwood, in 1997. Furthermore, the couple welcomed their beautiful daughter, Brielle Underwood, in 1999.

Blair Underwood is a very private person. Hence, he kept his children away from public scrutiny. However, a few pictures he shared shows how loving childhood Brielle grew up in.

Blair Underwood’s daughter must be in college since he uploaded a congratulatory post on social media handle. The proud dad has nothing but good to talk about his daughter.

Moreover, Blair Underwood’s daughter took up this trait from her father and is living a private life. Currently, Brielle has blossomed into a beautiful woman and still prefers her life away from the media. However, she appears in events alongside her father and blesses paparazzi.

Daddy’s Girl Have Some Interesting Tips On Relationship

Blair Underwood is undoubtedly a proud girl to have a dad like him. He too paid tribute to Kobe Bryant following his campaign, Girl Dad. Furthermore, he has built special bonding with his daughter since childhood and very proud of her achievements.

Brail Underwood's daughter Brielle Underwood
Blair Underwood is a proud girl dad and an enthusiast of his daughter’s future. Image Source: Blair’s Instagram.

Moreover, Blair believes that the father-daughter relationship is very dynamic. Hence, he embraces it with great affection. Additionally, he has exciting yet insightful advice for his beloved regarding relationships.

While talking to ESSENCE, the Self Made star, Blair revealed that he’d advise Brielle to get out of a relationship if her partner is unable to adapt or adjust with her financial success. Furthermore, he also added that for any relation to work, one has to respect each other more than love.

Brielle Underwood’s Parents Were Wedded For More Than Two Decades

It is said that a parent teaches their kids to love and form a perspective of the world. Similar is the case to Blair Underwood and his kids.

Veteran actor, Blair was married to Desiree DaCosta on September 17, 1994, till 31st of May, 2021. Aforementioned, the former lovers raised three incredibly talented children together throughout their marriage; two sons, Paris Underwood, Blake Ellis Underwood, and Brielle.


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It was a shock to the world when news broke out about their divorce despite knowing the ex-couples did not refrain from showering love. Since their separation happened recently, details about their legal battles are yet to be looked upon.

The decision was on mutual terms and was announced on a statement that included the former couple’s desire to start fresh in life.

Blair and Desiree are grateful to have raised kids properly and healthy. They showed not only love for humanity but also taught Brielle and her siblings to respect the culture.

Although Blair was never in the grooming part, he always embraced his daughter, Brielle, and sons with great care and affection. He believes fatherhood is an enormous privilege of all. Well, Brielle Underwood received dozens of flowers from her father on Valentine’s Day. So, one can guess, the bar is set pretty high, and she has excellent values.

Blair Underwood’s daughter, Brielle, is living a decent life despite being away from the media scrutiny. Let’s hope to see more of her in the future.

Name Meaning- Brielle Underwood

The name Brielle is of French origin, which means ‘God is my strength.’

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