Meet Ceylon Indira Zappa – Photos Of Dweezil Zappa’s Daughter With Lauren Knudsen

Dweezil Zappa's daughter, Ceylon Indira ZappaDweezil Zappa's daughter, Ceylon Indira Zappa lives a very private life away from the social media. Image Source: Lauren's Instagram.

Dweezil Zappa, an American guitarist and actor, was previously married to Lauren Knudsen for seven years. They further welcomed two adorable daughters, Zola Frank and Ceylon Indira Zappa.

We have previously talked about Ceylon’s sister, so here we shall speak of her whereabouts. So stick until the end to find out if Dweezil Zappa’s daughter, Ceylon Indira Zappa is anywhere near interested in music like her father.

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Dweezil Zappa’s Daughter, Ceylon, Is The Second Born In The Zappa Family

Aforementioned, Dweezil Zappa was first married to stylist Lauren Knudsen for seven years until she filed for a divorce in 2010. Moreover, the couple welcomed two daughters, Ceylon Indira Zappa being the youngest of two.

Furthermore, Ceylon was born in 2008, two years after her older sister, Zola Frank Zappa. Sadly, there isn’t much about Ceylon’s childhood as she remained away from the spotlight.

Nevertheless, Ceylon appeared in a few events alongside her parents when she was young. As of now, she still maintains privacy, and her social media are private as well. Unlike her sister, Zola, who boasts more than 4,900 followers, Ceylon’s Instagram is personal and seems pretty active. But the bummer is it’s private and has 200+ followers.

Therefore, there are no details about her life yet, but the 13 years old must be enjoying her school days. Also, she must have the best relationship with her parents. But did you know her mother, Lauren, sought shared custody as she filed for divorce in 2010?

Ceylon Zappa’s Parents Separated When She Was One

As mentioned earlier, Ceylon Zappa’s parents officially divorced after seven years of marriage. Moreover, Lauren called it quits after five years of marriage and two daughters.

Furthermore, Zappa’s ex-wife, Lauren, filed for divorce in LA, citing irreconcilable differences. She further sought sole physical custody of their daughters, Zola, 3, and Ceylon. Moreover, the documents show that she wanted them to share legal custody of their children.

Dweezil Zappa's daughter, Ceylon Indira Zappa
Dweezil Zappa’s daughter, Ceylon Indira Zappa, was only one year old when her mother filed for a divorce. Image Source: Lauren’s Instagram.

Likewise, Ceylon’s mother also asked for spousal support from her husband, which became a hot topic for the next two years until 2012.

Divorce Settlement And Moving On

While Ceylone’s dad was going through a divorce, he was sued by his lawyer, James Eliaser, for unpaid legal bills. According to TMZ, Dweezil owed $37,498.75 to his lawyer.

Thankfully in 2012, Lauren was ordered to pay a lump sum settlement to him, ending further claims in their divorce. As of now, both of Ceylon’s parents are happily married to their significant others and are incredibly happy.

Moreover, Dweezil Zappa’s daughter, Ceylon Indira Zappa, became an older sister when her mother, Lauren, and her current husband gave birth to Julian in October 2018. Meanwhile, Ceylon’s father is yet to welcome his own kid but is a stepfather to his wife, Megan Marsicano‘s daughter, Mia Marsicano.

Well, Ceylon grew up with her mother, Lauren, and sister, Zola. Thus, she’s very close to her stylist mom. However, she still maintains a very healthy relationship with her father. Therefore, let’s hope to see the 13-year-old grow up to become a successful young woman.

Name Meaning- Ceylon Indira

The name Ceylon means Sri Lanka and has Ceylon origin. Also, Indira has a Sanskrit origin, which means splendid.

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