Meet Cory Carson – Photos of Johnny Carson’s Son With Ex-Wife Jody Morrill Wolcott

Cory Carson, son of Johhny Carson and Jody CarsonCory Carson is Johnny Carson's son with his ex-wife, Jody Morrill Wolcott. Image Source: Getty Images.

The late American TV host Johnny Carson‘s son Cory Carson was born in 1953. Johnny had his son Cory with his ex-wife, Jody Morrill Wolcott. Not many people know this but Cory Carson is a guitarist and has released many songs.

Cory Carson is the youngest among the three children of Johnny Carson. He has got two elder brothers named Christopher Carson and late Richard Carson. So, let’s not waste any time and get to know more about Johnny Carson’s son.

Cory Carson Following The Footsteps Of His Father Johnny Carson

Well, Cory may not be a famous TV host as his father but he has got one thing in common though, that he is also a guitarist like Johnny. One part of Cory’s income is from his career as a guitarist, which we guess he could have learned some from Jonhhy.

As mentioned above, over the years Cory has released a lot of songs under his name. Here are some of Cory Carson’s songs:

  • Never Can Say Goodbye
  • Here’s That Rainy Day
  • Catalonian Songs
  • The Shadow Of Your Smile
  • Samba de Orfeo

If you are looking for some new music then you can give it a listen. He probably made a considerable fortune as a guitarist. Cory Carson once went as a guest in his father’s late-night show and the father-son duo seemed to have a lot of fun.

Johnny Carson and his son Cory Carson
Cory Carson with his father Johnny Carson. Image Source: Image Collect.

In addition to that, according to IMDb, Cory Carson worked as a stage manager in a few TV series such as Blockbusters, Card Sharks, and Password Plus. We assume he funneled in some promising money as a stage manager as well. So, in all, Cory Carson’s net worth mainly seems to consist of his income and earnings from his career as a guitarist and a stage manager.

Johnny Carson’s Son Is A Man Of Privacy

The 67-year-old Cory Carson is a very private person. It seems like he doesn’t have any social media accounts to date. And you will hardly find any of his photos in the media. Despite being the son of one of the most famous TV hosts like Johnny, Cory chooses to live a low-key life.

Johnny Carson with his sons Cory Carson, Richard Carson and Christopher Carson, and wife Jody Carson
Cory Carson (m) alongside his father Johnny Carson, mother Jody Morrill Wolcott, and siblings. Image Source: Getty Images.

When Cory Carson’s father Johnny Cason died at Cedars-Sinai Medical Center, there was no memorial service done. When asked the reason, Cory stated that we might have inherited the privacy gene.

Cory Carson’s Siblings

A lot of details about Johnny Carson’s son Cory Carson has not been disclosed. Whether he is married or still single is under curtains. Though he has got an elder brother named Christopher Carson who is a golf instructor. As for his other brother Richard, he lost his life in a car accident on the 21st of June 1991.

Cory Carson- Name Meaning

The name Cory has got many meanings. In Irish Gaelic it means ‘Hollow,’ and in Old English, Cory means Chosen.

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