Meet Ella Rose De Niro And Alexandria De Niro – Photos Of Claudine De Matos’ Daughters

Claudine De Niro daughters Alexandria De Niro, Ella Rose De NiroClaudine De Niro has two daughters with ex-husband Raphael De Niro. Image Source: Instagram/ Claudine De Matos.

Claudine De Matos is the American Real Estate broker Raphael De Niro’s ex-wife. They were in a marital bond since 2008. And, recently, in January 2020, the ex-couple got legally separated. Raphael is the father to his ex-spouse Claudine De Matos daughters: Alexandria De Niro and Ella Rose De Niro and a son Nicholas De Niro.

As Claudine De Matos’ daughters and son are still kids, they are just popular due to their parent’s stardom. So, here get to know some more about the celebrity daughters and be familiar with them.

Claudine De Matos’ Daughter Ella Diagnosed With Type 1 Diabetes

As prior mentioned, Claudine De Matos is the mother to three children; Alexandria, Ella Rose, and Nicholas. Among them, Ella Rose is the youngest daughter of Claudine with Raphael. The former duo welcomed their third child together, Ella Rose, in 2012, two years after the birth of Alexandria, and three years after Nicholas’s birth.

Claudine De Niro's daughters Ella Rose De Niro
Claudine De Matos’s daughter Ella Rose diagnosed with Type 1 diabetes. Image Source: Instagram/ Claudine De Matos

The youngest daughter Ella Rose was diagnosed with Type 1 diabetes when she was just two years old. Type 1 diabetes, previously identified as Juvenile diabetes, is a chronic condition when the pancreas produces little or no insulin. Despite various active research, there is no cure for this diabetes. Hence, Ella’s mother, Claudia, is always strict in her diets. She gives her gluten-free and low carb foods only.

De Niro Sisters Have Good Relation With Step-Mother Hannah

The ex-partner of Claudine, Raphael De Niro, married again soon after their divorce. He got hitched with the fashion stylist Hannah Carnes in March 2020, and they live together in New York. Although Claudine’s daughters do not live with their father, they visit him along with their step-mom Hannah often.

Claudine De Niro Daughters
Claudine De Matos’ daughters with their step-mom Hannah and other family members. Image Source: Instagram/ Hannah Carnes De Niro

Even though Hannah is Claudine’s kids’ step-mother, they love her dearly. And so does Hannah. Affectionate Hannah shares numerous photos of Raphael’s kids on her Instagram page. Claudine’s children and Hannah enjoy each other’s company. They travel to various places together during the holidays.

Alexandria and Ella Rose’s Siblings

Aforementioned, Claudine is a mother to not only two daughters but also a son named Nicholas with Raphael. Alexandria and Ella Rose’s brother Nicholas is the eldest among all. Nicholas was born in May 2009. The sweet boy of Claudia, Nicholas, has a great bonding with his sisters. The trio of siblings is often seen together in every picture shared by their parents.


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Besides Nicholas, Claudia’s daughters got an older sister when their father Raphael married Hannah. Their step-mother is a mother to  Aislinn Carnes, daughter from her previous relationship. All three girls are very close to each other. They love spending time together. Aislin’s mother often posts photos of these cuties on her Instagram.

Name Meaning: Alexandria and Ella Rose De Niro

The meaning of the name Alexandria is ‘Defender of Mankind.’

The name Ella Rose is a French origin word, which means ‘little cinders’ or ‘bright one.’

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