Meet All Of Erin Everly And Jack Portman ‘s Children And See What They Are Doing Now

Erin Everly Children.Erin Everly is the ex-wife of renowned Atlanta architect, Jack Portman. Image Source: Eres Portman Instagram.

Erin Everly is a former model known for being featured in music videos of the band Guns N’ Roses like Sweet Child O’ Mine and Welcome to the Videos. The renowned model married Axl Rose on April 28, 1998, and eventually ended the relationship after ten months.

Later, Erin Everly got hitched with Jack Portman in 1997, the vice-chairman of Portman Holdings and John Portman associates. The former couple welcomed three children during their marital relationship.

Thus, here is everything about Erin Everly’s children and their whereabouts.

Proud Mother Of Three Kids

Aforementioned, the beautiful blue-eyed model Erin Everly is a proud mother of three children with her ex-husband, Jack Portman. After few months of dating, the lovers shared marital vows in 1997 and settled happily in Atlanta. The pair gave birth to their first child, Easan Portman, a boy, on 14 April 1996. He is the only son of the former married couple, Erin Everly and Jack Portman.

Going through his social media sites, we can assume that he has completed his graduation and is currently staying in Los Angeles, California. Unfortunately, Easan prefers a quiet life and hence publicizes only a few parts of his stories.

Despite sharing all the media information, Erin Everly’s son has yet not revealed his relationship status. Although, we can clearly see his good relationship with his parents and siblings.

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Erin Everly’s First Daughter Is A Designer

After four years of Easan Portman’s arrival, Erin Everly gave birth to their first daughter named Eres Portman on 5th August 2000. She has completed her high school at Suffield Academy and has been enrolled in Parsons School Of Design. She has shown her keen interest in art and design.

Erin Everly And Jack Portman 's Children
Eres Portman is spending a quality life with her partner. Image source: Eres Portman Instagram

Additionally, Erin Everly’s daughter, Eres Portman, is comparatively active on social media. Going through her Instagram, we can see that Eres is currently in a relationship with Charles Amine. She prefers to hang out with her partner and friends, undoubtedly is living her life to the fullest.

Esper Portman Is A Confidential Person

Unlike her siblings, Erin Everly’s daughter, Esper Portman, has stayed out of the spotlight. She seems to be happy with being away from the limelight and is rarely seen on her siblings’ social media pages.

Not only her own privacy, but Esper Portman’s name is also not mentioned in an article in Saporta Reports. The article, which talks about Jack Portman’s life and career, has no mention of Esper even though her siblings and half-siblings are all named. It is unclear if it was a genuine mistake or that Erin Everly’s baby girl prefers privacy so much that her name did not come up in the article that talked about Jack and his accomplishments.

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Joannah Portman Is The Step-Daughter Of Erin Everly

Before getting engaged to ex-wife Erin Everly, the renowned Atlanta architect Jack Portman had a daughter named Joannah Portman, who has appeared in several films. She was matured enough when Erin joined her family as a step-mother.

Later she proceeded for a higher degree and completed her PhD. in Writing and Rhetoric. As for now, Joannah lives a peaceful life in Newport, Rhode Island, with her spouse, James Daley, and two daughters.

Erin Everly and her ex-husband didn’t want to expose their children to media and like to keep their family matter under a wrap; that is why not much is known about them.

Erin Everly’s Ex-husband, Jack Portman, Was Secretive About His Children

According to Saporta Reports, Erin Everly’s ex-husband Jack Portman has two more children besides the four mentioned above. Even though not much has been known about their mother and their personal life, we have gathered some information about Portman’s children through their social media sites.

Jack Portman was also the father of Alissa Portman Beard, who is a well-recognized interior designer. The Atlanta-based interior designer has degrees in both interior and fashion design and is now changing the lives of customers through her work. She is now enjoying her life with her husband and a son in Atlanta.

Besides this, Jack was also the father of John C. Portman IV, who is actively involved in following his father’s footsteps and is the president of Portman Holdings.

Both Erin and her ex-husband, Jack Portman, preferred to stay away from the spotlight, so it is no surprise that their children have also lived their lives hidden from the public. But let’s hope we get to know more about Erin Everly and Jack Portman’s children in the coming days.

Name Meaning

The name ‘Easan’ is a masculine name that means The Supreme Ruler. Similarly, the name ‘Eres’ is of Latin origin, which means Wonderful. And ‘Esper’ is of African origin, which means Magical.

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