Meet Graham Scott – Photos Of Adam Scott’s Son With Naomi Scott

Know more about Graham Scott, son of Adam Scott with Naomi ScottGraham Scott is the eldest child of Adam Scott and Naomi Scott. Image Source: Instagram/mradamscott.

Adam Paul Scott (Adam Scott) is an American actor, producer, comedian, and podcaster. The actor who started his career with MTV’s Dead in 1991, at the age of 21, has been giving hits after hits since then. But things hadn’t been easy for him during his initial phase, as he couldn’t land a big break until a few years. Later, after proving his acting skills through movies such as Star Trek and The Lesser Evil, he was able to catch the attention of the big names of the industry. Although Adam Scott has worked in Step Brothers( as Derek), The Aviator (as Johnny Meyer), Starz (as Henry Pollard), Big Little Lies (as Ed Mackenzie), The Good Place(as Derek), etc., he is mostly known for his roles as Ben Wyatt on Parks and Recreation, an NBC sitcom for which he has received two Critic’s Choice Television Award for Best Actor in a Comedy Series nomination.

Adam Scott is so popular for Parks and Recreation that most people take the on-screen couple of Adam Scott and Amy Poehler as real-life lovebirds. But the truth is something else. Adam Scott is married to his long term wife Naomi Scott for more than 15 years now. The lovely couple is parents to two children. You might want to know about them, don’t you? So we’ve prepared this article for you guys to meet Graham Scott, Adam Scott’s son, with Naomi Scott.

Graham Scott Is Adam Scott’s First Child With Naomi Scott

Like previously said, Adam Scott is married to his wife Naomi Scott since 2005. The two had got married after a long period of dating. Adam and Naomi have been pretty serious and responsible regarding their relationship and their family. So, they decided to take things slow after their marriage and finally welcomed a new life only after 2 years of marriage.

The actor-cum-producer and his wife welcomed Graham Scott in 2007, which makes him 13 years old as of now. Graham Scott’s parents do not want to expose their children to the media and like to keep their family affairs really private, which is why not much is known about their children and their birthdates. However, the media discovers most of their whereabouts.

Graham Scott Has A Younger Sibling

Adam Scott and Naomi Scott’s son Graham Scott is not their only child; they also have a younger daughter Frankie Scott. This makes Graham the elder brother of his little sissy Frankie.

Know more about Graham Scott, son of Adam Scott with Naomi Scott
Graham Scott has a younger sibling Frankie Scott. She is two years smaller than him. Image Source: Instagram/mradamscott.

Though Adam and Naomi do not share much about their children on their feeds, once in a while, we can see a photo of the two siblings playing with each other. Looking at the photo, we can say that they enjoy each other’s company. Apart from playing, one of the activities that they do together is watching television shows. But it’s sad that they do not enjoy their father’s show Parks and Recreation and haven’t tried watching it at all.

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Adam Scott’s Son Graham Scott Once Stole Atloids From Jimmy Kimmel’s House

If you are Adam Scott’s fan, you might know that Adam Scott and Jimmy Kimmel are good friends, and you might also be aware of this funny incident. Once Jimmy had invited Adam and his family over for a party. And as funny as it may sound, little Graham couldn’t help himself when he saw tins of Altoids in the bathroom. The 9-year-old (then) quickly sneaked a tin of Altoids into his pocket. But this innocent soul later returned the tin with a sorry letter with a “plentefull amount of sorry-nessYes, that’s what the 9-year-old Graham wrote.

This was indeed a good learning lesson for him. Adam has given his best on the parenting of his children. He not only teaches Graham and Frankie about these things but also about being community-minded and politically active. Plus it looks like the father-son duo also loves playing with legos.

There is no doubt that Graham is receiving the best parenting from his father, Adam Scott, and his mother, Naomi Scott.

Adam Scott’s Son Graham Scott: Name Meaning

The name ‘Graham’ is a masculine name of English origin. It means “grey home” or “gravel homestead.”

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