Did You Know American Sportscaster Jack Buck Is A Father Of Eight Children?

Jack Buck's eight children

It might come as a shock to some people that one of the most popular American sportscaster, Jack Buck, has altogether eight children. As for his married life, Jack Buck had two wives, Alyce Larson, and Carole Lintzenich. Jack was divorced from his ex-wife Alyce, while his wife Carole became his widow following his death. Jack Buck died on June 18, 2002, in St. Louis, Missouri, USA.

Jack Buck’s six children with his first wife, Alyce Larson, are Jack Buck Jr., Bonnie Buck, Christine Buck, Beverly Buck, Betsy Buck, and Dan Buck. Similarly, Jack’s two children with his second wife, Carole Linztzenich, are Joe Buck and Julie Buck.

Here are the details of the late Jack Buck’s eight children born to his two ex-wives.

Joe Buck

Joe Buck
Jack Buck’s son Joe Buck is a famous sportscaster like his father. Image Source: Salt Lake Tribute

Jack Buck’s son, Joe Buck, is a famous sportscaster like his father. Joe was born to Jack Buck’s second wife Carole. He is currently in a married relationship with Michelle Beisner-Buck. Joe Buck and his wife Michelle have twin children named Wyatt Joseph And Blake Andrew. He also has two daughters named Trudy Buck and Natalie Buck with his ex-wife Ann Buck.

Julie Buck

Julie Buck
Jack Buck’s daughter Julie Buck is a former KTRS broadcaster. Image Source: KTRS

Jack Buck’s daughter Julie Buck is a successful writer. Born on June 15, 1972, Julie has published two books, Tainn: The Half Demon as well as her father’s biography, Jack Buck: Forever a Winner. She wrote the biography with her mother, Carole, and brother, Joe Buck. Julie is married to her husband, whose name is not known.

Jack Buck Jr.

Jack Buck Jr
Jack Buck’s son Jack Buck Jr is a loan officer. Image Source: Cornerstone Mortgage

Jack Buck’s son, Jack Buck Jr., is successfully pursuing his career in his own field of interest. He is not widely known and there is little information available about Jack Jr’s personal life.

Bonnie Buck

Bonnie Buck
Jack Buck’s daughter Bonnie Buck (left). Image Source: Radaris

Jack Buck’s daughter Bonnie Buck was born through her mother Alyce Larson. The details regarding Bonnie Buck’s married life and other details of her personal life have not been disclosed.

Beverly Buck

Beverly Brennan
Jack Buck’s daughter Beverly Brennan is a writer. Image Source: Folktale Productions

Jack Buck’s daughter Beverly Buck is a theatre teacher at the Harris-Stowe State College. Beverly Buck’s mother is Alyce Larson.

Christine Buck

Christine Buck
Jack Buck’s daughter Christine Buck is a retired KPLR TV employee. Image Source: KPLR

Jack Buck’s daughter Christine Buck is a retired talk show host and TV news anchor who worked with KPLR-TV most of her career. Christine’s career in television spanned over 40 years. Information regarding Christine Buck’s marriage and past affairs are still kept under curtains.

Betsy Buck

Betsy Buck
Jack Buck’s daughter Betsy Buck is a school principal. Image Source: LinkedIn

Jack Buck’s daughter Betsy Buck is an American woman. Betsy’s mother is Alyce Larson. Information about Betsy Buck’s marriage and relationship status are not been disclosed. Wherever she is, we hope Betsy is doing well.

Dan Buck

Dan Buck with wife
Jack Buck’s son Danny Buck with his beautiful wife. Image Source: Ladue News

Jack Buck’s son Dan Buck went to his father’s funeral. Dan Buck is happily married to his beautiful wife and is a father to his loving children.

Jack Buck’s Eight Children: Name Meaning

  1. Joe – The name Joe means “an ordinary man”
  2. Julie – Julie is a Latin name, meaning “youthful, soft-haired, beautiful”
  3. Jack Jr – Jack is derived from a medieval word, meaning “man”
  4. Christine – Christine is a name of Greek origin, meaning “follower of Christ”
  5. Bonnie – Bonnie comes from the Scottish “bonnie”, meaning “pretty, attractive”
  6. Beverly – Beverly is a name that means “woman from the beaver meadow”
  7. Betsy – Betsy is a Hebrew name, meaning “oath of God”, or “God is satisfaction”
  8. Dan – Dan comes from the Hebrew language, meaning “God is my judge”

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