Josh Dallas’s Son, Oliver Finlay Dallas

Josh Dallas's SonJosh Dallas and his wife, Ginnifer gave birth to their first son, Oliver Finlay Dallas in May 2014. Image Source: Social Media.

American actor Josh Dallas is not a new name in Hollywood. He first came into the limelight after landing the lead role in ABC supernatural series Once Upon A Time. The actor garnered a massive amount of fame from his performance as Prince Charming in the series. His career seems to be prospering and has no sign of declination. With such immense popularity, Dallas’s fandom seems to be growing more day by day. 

Josh Dallas married his co-star of Once Upon A Time, Ginnifer Goodwin, in April 2014 and has been enjoying a blissful marital life since then. The adorable duo has been married for seven years and are the parents of two boys who are growing up in a loving household.

As public figures, their fans are often curious about their personal life and family. So without further ado, let’s dive into the private details of one of Josh Dallas’s sons, Oliver Finlay Dallas.

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Josh Dallas’s Eldest Child

Josh Dallas’s son Oliver Finlay Dallas is his first child. He was born on Thursday, May 29, 2014, in Los Angeles. Dallas’s wife, Ginnifer, was already pregnant before their marriage, and she gave birth a month after their wedding.

According to Dallas’s wife, Ginnifer, both father and mother decided the baby’s name. As new parents, the duo has spoken about reading childcare and parenting books. They were eagerly anticipating their first son’s birth. We can see that Josh Dallas’s son Oliver Finlay Dallas is very much loved and adored by his parents.

Oliver Finlay Dallas’s Younger Sibling

Oliver Finlay Dallas is not the only child of Josh Dallas and Ginnifer Goodwin.  He has a sibling who was born two days after his 2nd birthday celebration. Josh Dallas became a father for a second time after the birth of his younger son, Hugo Wilson Dallas, on 1st June 2016. Oliver’s mother, Ginnifer Goodwin, had confirmed her second pregnancy earlier in November 2015.  

Oliver Finlay Dallas's family
Oliver Finlay is the eldest child of Josh Dallas and Ginnifer Goodwin. Image Source: Social Media

Due to the hectic schedules of both Dallas and Goodwin, both kids are often left under the care of their appointed nanny. As an elder child, Josh Dallas’s son, Oliver, definitely helps take care of his younger brother. They are also playmates. The relationship between the siblings can be said to be affectionate and harmonious. 

Secretive Children

The Once Upon A Time co-stars Josh Dallas, and Ginnifer Goodwin enjoys a private lifestyle. As a result, they often keep their personal life a secret to the public. As such, Josh Dallas’s sons Oliver Finlay Dallas and Hugo Wilson Dallas have not made an appearance in the media. 

Josh Dallas and his wife Goodwin both are scrupulous about keeping their sons out of the public eye. Goodwin is absent from social media; hence her private life is out of the reach for her admirers. On the other hand, Josh Dallas rarely posts about his family on his Instagram account and never shows his kids’ faces in his posts. Both actors might be worried for their children due to their young age. 

Josh Dallas Son, Oliver Finlay Dallas
Despite the fame and prominence, Josh and Ginnifer love to keep their children away from the limelight. Image Source: Josh Dallas Instagram.

But that doesn’t mean we can’t see any pictures of Oliver and Hugo Dallas on the internet. On several occasions, paparazzi have captured Josh Dallas’s son Oliver Finlay Dallas alongside his father. They have also sneaked pictures of the family going out together. 

From those pictures, we can see that both kids of the actor are adorable with their blonde hair and fair skin. However, the six-year-old Oliver is taller than his brother by several centimeters.

Oliver Finlay Dallas’s Dad Was Previously Married

It might be shocking news that Oliver’s dad, Josh Dallas, was previously married to English actress Lara Pulver. The ex-couple dated for 4 years and were also married for four years. They had a mutual understanding of their respective careers. Unfortunately, the marriage couldn’t last long, and they separated in 2011. Furthermore, the pair didn’t have any children during their marital years. Therefore, Oliver does not have any half-siblings.

Josh Dallas is currently enjoying a lavish life with his wife and two sons. The family of four is often seen going on vacations and family outings. Dallas loves his family infinitely and cares about their well-being. Let’s hope we get to see Josh Dallas’ son, Oliver Finlay Dallas, on the big screen in the near future.

Name Meaning

The name “Oliver” has an English origin, and it means “Descendant of The Ancestor.” Similarly, “Finlay” has a Scottish origin, and it means “Fair Warrior.”

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