Meet Kit Halls – Photos Of Simon Halls’ Son With Matt Bomer Who Came Out Straight

Meet Matt Bomer's Eldest son Kit HallsKit Is the eldest child out of three children of actor Matt Bomer with publicist Simon Halls. Image Source: Instagram/kithalls5.

Matt Bomer (Matt Staton Bomer) is an American actor known for being the recipients of highly prestigious accolades, including the Critics’ Choice Television Award, Golden Globe Award, and a nomination for the Primetime Emmy Award. Bomer, who had made his debut through the soap opera All My Children, has gained a lot of success over time. He has starred in movies such as In Time, Magic Mike, The Nice Guys, The Normal heart, etc., including his debut film Flightplan. He has also been a part of dramas and plays like American Horror, Walking Out, Anything, The Boys in the Band, etc.

But these are not the only thing this Emmy winning actor is famous for. Matt Bomer also came into highlight because of his marriage with publicist Simon Halls. Not only did he married his partner, but he also shares three sons with him, so you might be interested to know about them. Here is an article about one of Simon Halls’ sons with Matt Bomer, Kit Halls.

Kit Halls- The Eldest Son Of Matt Bomer With Simon Halls

As aforementioned, actor Matt Bomer, is married to publicist Simon Halls. The couple got married in 2011 but didn’t reveal their marriage until accepting a humanitarian award in 2014. Bomer revealed this big news during the award function organized by the Desert AIDS Project. Not only did he reveal about the marriage, but he also revealed the name of his three sons- Kit, Henry, and Walker. This news shocked everybody and got huge media coverage. The news that Matt already had not one but three kids hidden from the eyes of the whole world left everybody awestricken. Now let’s talk more about Simon Halls’ son Kit Halls.

Matt Bomer and Simon Halls welcomed Kit in 2005. If you are wondering how they were able to conceive a child, the answer is they had their child via a surrogate. But Kit’s parents weren’t going to stop there; they tried once again. Kit welcomed his twin siblings, Henry Halls and Walker Halls, in 2008, when he was only three years old. But as of now, Kit is 15 years old, and his brothers Henry and Walker are 12 years old. Since Kit’s fathers have a very tight schedule and have to spend most of their time out of the house, Kit has become a wonderful child by caring for his younger siblings. He is the second parent for Henry and Walker as Kit looks after them often.

Matt Bomer and Simon Halls’ Son Kit Came Out As Straight

There is no doubt that Kit loves his father, Matt Bomer, and Simon Halls unconditionally. But with many people not being in favor of same-sex marriage, Kit has been somewhat distressed by the fact that his parents are not like the other usual parents. Although he does not speak about this topic very often, this issue has bothered him for years.

Meet Matt Bomer's Eldest son with Simon Halls- Kit Halls
Unlike his father Matt and Simon, Kit came out as straight. Image Source: Instagram/mattbomer.

Keeping that in mind, Kit decided to come out as straight. Even though his parents would have wanted him to wait for a while before identifying his sexuality, Kit came out to them by saying :

“I love and respect that you guys are who you are. I’m straight, that’s how I identify.”

It seems like even at a young age, Matt Bomer’s son, Kit Halls is sure of his romantic preferences and is also open about it with his fathers. However, the actor said that if his son had a change in heart, he and his husband, Simon will be there supporting and loving their eldest one with an open heart.

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Actress Billie Lourd Is The GodMother Of Matt Bomer’s Eldest Son Kit Halls

Although Kit’s biological mother seems to be out of the scene, he has a godmother- who is also a part of the entertainment business. Matt Bomer’s son, Kit Halls’ godmother, is actress Billie Catherine Lourd.


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A post shared by Kit Halls (@kithalls5)

Kit revealed this relationship through his Instagram post. If you do not know who Billie Lourd is, she is an American actress known for starring in the Star Wars trilogy and being the only child of Carrie Fisher.

Kit Is A Fan Of The San Francisco 49ers

Like his father Matt Bomer, Kit Halls is also a fan of the San Franciso 49ers. Matt and Kit often go to their games together and are seen cheering for their team. Kit sure inherited his father’s interest in the game. Who knows he may turn out to become a football player like his grandfather who once played for the Dallas Cowboys. As of now, Kit is living a pretty life with his fathers Matt and Simon, and siblings Henry and Walker.

Name Meaning: Kit Halls

‘Kit’ is a unisex name of Greek origin, which means ‘Bearing Christ.’

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