Here Is What You Should Know About Larry King’s Son Larry King Jr.

Larry King Jr. father Larry King

Larry King‘s son Larry King Jr., together with his ex-wife Annette Kaye was born in November 1961. Larry Jr. parents were married in the same year he was born that is in 1961. However, the marriage couldn’t last long, and the former couple got separated a year later in 1962.

Annette Kaye was not the only wife of the famous TV celebrity Larry King. Larry has married eight times to seven different women including Freda Miller, Annette Kaye, Alene Akins, Mary Francis, Sharon Lepore, Julie Alexander, and Shawn Southwick. Larry’s son Larry King Jr. has three half-brothers named Andy King, Chance Armstrong King, and Cannon Edward Kingand a half-sister named Chaia King.

Larry King Jr. Didn’t Meet His Father Larry For 33 Years

According to the New York Post article which was published on 21st May of 2009, Larry didn’t acknowledge or mentioned his son Larry Jr for 33 long years. The father and the son even didn’t meet each other up until 2009, when Larry Jr. appeared for the first time with his dad, King on Larry King Live.

Larry King's son Larry King Jr.
Larry King revealed about his son Larry King Jr. in 2009. Image Source: HuffPost.

The story was also very unusual as Larry didn’t even know that he had a son out there. He told to the post:

 “I didn’t know he was mine because the marriage was quite short and she told me if it’s a boy, I’m gonna name him Larry King Jr., then I never heard of him again.”

However, the matter is quite in hands now as Larry, and his son are often spotted together, and it seems that the bond is growing stronger day after day.

Currently, Larry King’s son Larry Jr. is a family man and has three children of his own. Larry Jr. is married to his wife Shannon King and is also working as the head of King’s heart disease foundation in California. However, the names of Larry King jr.’s children have not been disclosed yet to the media.

Larry King Jr.’s Father Had Suffered From A Heart Disease

Larry King had suffered a major heart attack in 1987 and went for bypass surgery. Since then, King has written a book titled, “Mr. King, You’re Having a Heart Attack: How a Heart Attack and Bypass Surgery Changed My Life” about living with heart disease. Later in 2017, King discovered a cancerous tumor in his lung, which was successfully removed with surgery.

Larry King Jr's father Larry King
Larry King Jr.(one on the right) on the 18th Annual function of Larry King Cardiac Foundation. Image Source: Zimbio.

As mentioned earlier, Larry King’s son is working as the head of King’s heart disease foundation.

Name Meaning: Larry King Jr.

Larry is a boy’s name which gives the meaning of “from Laurentium.”

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