Meet Lila Tracey Cassidy – Photos Of Shaun Cassidy’s Daughter Tracey Lynne Turner

Shaun Cassidy's daughter, Lila CassidyShaun Cassidy's daughter, Lila Tracey Cassidy is a vibrant child. Image Source: Cassidy's Instagram.

Celebrities deliberately hand over their privacy once they hit it big. Every aspect of their lives is out there for the public to witness. Hence celebs go to great length trying to keep things low key.

So, today, we will be talking about actor/singer Shaun Cassidy’s daughter, Lila Tracey Cassidy, with his third wife, Tracey Lynne Turner. Let’s get right in without further delay.

Shaun Cassidy’s Daughter, Lila Tracey Cassidy is Ambitious

Who else would understand the media scrutiny better than Shaun Cassidy himself, who has been experiencing fame since childhood? Therefore, he has kept his bundle of joys out of the world’s sight as much as possible.

Similar is his third child with wife Tracey, Lila Tracey Cassidy. Born in 2008, the little lady is growing up fast and amazing her parents much. With the kindness she bestows through her photographs, she must be enjoying a great childhood and share a good bond with her parents.

Furthermore, the post that Lila Cassidy’s father posted shows her personality and development clearly. According to the post, the 12-year-old is hopeful and brave. Likewise, she is an avid animal lover and dreams of becoming a horse vet. Ambitious!


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Moreover, Shaun Cassidy seems to love water and ocean mammals as the hopeful lady dreams to save manatees. What can be sweeter than a child thinking of saving nature at a tender age?

Makes Very Rare Appearances

Aforementioned, celebrities walk a million miles to keep their children safe from the court of public opinion. Similar is the case with Shaun Cassidy, although he shows off his children’s achievements. Parents Instinct!

Despite Shaun’s attempt, he rarely posts about Lila and is always accompanied by her feisty little sister, Mairin. The two little girls seem to do everything together, from biking to skiing, to napping. Literally, everything!

Shaun Cassidy's children
Shaun Cassidy’s daughter, Lila Tracey Cassidy, shares a beautiful bond with her mother and siblings. Image Source: Cassidy’s Instagram.

Hence, Shaun, being a father, cannot resist sharing the sibling bond and cuteness with the world. Because Shaun’s kid is only 12 and has ages to grow into a beautiful woman she aspires to be, we do not have much on her but hope for her to succeed.

Let’s hope to see Shaun Cassidy’s daughter on a big screen, all while she saves manatees and cures horses.

Shaun Cassidy’s Marriage Before Lila Cassidy’s Mother

Aforementioned, fame forces celebrities to give up their privacy and let the world into their lives. Many celebrity marriages fail because of public scrutiny, while many mutually. Although we are unable to figure out what made Shaun Cassidy’s marriages fail, he was married twice before marrying Lila Tracey Cassidy’s mom, Tracey Lynne Turner, in 2004.

Shaun Cassidy and Tracey Turner welcomed four children altogether; Caleb Cassidy, Roan Howard Cassidy, Lila, and Mairin Cassidy. All four siblings share a great bond. But they do have half-siblings from Shaun’s previous marriages as well and are equally close to them regardless of their age differences.

Lila Cassidy’s father, Shaun, was initially married to actress Ann Pennington on 1 December 1979 for fourteen years until they divorced in 1993. The pair welcomed two children; Caitlin Ann Cassidy and John Cassidy during their marriage.

Likewise, Cassidy was married to model Susan Diol for eight years from 7 May 1995 to 1 March 2003 and welcomed a gorgeous blue-eyed girl, Juliet Cassidy.

All seven siblings have a good relationship and enjoy one another’s’ company.

Name Meaning

Lila is a common Indian name, which means beauty, while the Hebrew version means night or dark beauty.

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