Who Is Method Man’s Son Rae Smith? Is He Also Into Rapping?

Method Man's Son Raekwon SmithMethod Man's youngest son, Raekwon Smith was recruited by the Penn State University for football. Image Source: Social Media.

The New York-based rapper Clifford Smith Jr. is popularly known as Method ManHe rose to fame with his music career as a rapper and songwriter. Moreover, the rapper ascended to hip-hop fame with Wu-Tang Clan as one of the prominent members of the collective.

Method Man is also known for his collaboration with Redman. In addition, he was one of the earliest members of the Wu-Tang Clan to release a solo album. The songwriter has been active in the industry for over thirty years and has gained an imsense amount of name and fame.

As a result, the public is eager to know about his personal life, including his family members. Thus, today we are talking about Method Man’s son, Raekwon Smith, aka Rae Smith, and his whereabouts.

Is One Of The Smith Twins

Raekwon Smith and his twin sister, Cheyenne Smith, were born in 1997 to their parents, Clifford Smith Jr. and Tamika Smith. They have an elder brother, Sha Smith, also known as Shakuan Smith, who was born in 1996.

Furthermore, Method and his wife, Tamika, welcomed their children before their marriage. The couple got engaged in 1999 and tied the knot in 2001 in a private wedding ceremony.

Raekwon’s father, Method Man, met his mother, Tamika, back in the mid-nineties. At that time, his mom worked as a personal assistant for his dad. His parents have been together ever since, and they are very supportive of each other.

Method Man's Son, Raekwon Smith
Raekwon Smith is youngest son of Method Man. Image Source: Social Media.

Raekwon’s elder sibling, Sha, has followed his dad’s footsteps and is a rapper. He went to Curtis High School and was an active student-athlete. The eldest of the Smith siblings was a varsity receiver for the Warriors football team of his school from 2012 to 2014.

On the other hand, Raekwon’s twin sister, Cheyenne Smith, is more active on Instagram and YouTube as a content creator.

Well, Raekwon and his siblings have grown up well, and all of them live happy and cheerful life. Not to mention the strong bond they share with each other.

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Is A Curtis High School Graduate

Method Man’s son, Raekwon, went to the Curtis High School in Washington and graduated in the mid-2010s. Even before joining the academy, he had planned to attend Curtis High and play for their team.

As already mentioned, Raekwon’s elder sibling was a varsity receiver on the football team of the Curtis High School. He was the one who made his younger brother dream about playing football. The youngest Smith used to tag along with Sha during the practice matches.

Moreover, Raekwon always wanted to play for the Curtis High School football team, wearing his brother’s jersey number 5 so that he could honor him on the field. Well, not only did he achieve his dream, but Sha must be proud of his hard work and achievement.

As reported by silive.com, Method Man and his other family member often came to games to cheer their beloved son, Raekwon, without any fanfare involved. All of the Smith family members are fond of football, and they enjoy watching the matches.

Penn State Recruited Method Man’s Son

The famous rapper’s second son, Rae, has made a habit of exceeding expectations and breaking all of his limits. Ever since his childhood, he found athletes extraordinary and always dreamed of playing on the field.

Considering his skills as a Warriors football player, the young guy was recruited by Penn State University in 2017 for football. As an aspirant to become a professional player, it was an excellent opportunity for Rae.

Moreover, Rae’s father also stopped by Penn State in 2017 so that he could participate in one of the program’s elite camps.

Above all, Method Man’s son, Raekwon, once shared his opinion about being the son of a famous father. He revealed that he takes it as a responsibility and works hard to create an identity separate from his dad and brother’s fame. Also, asking whether Rae will also pursue a music career, he revealed he doesn’t want to. Instead, he is aspiring to be an NFL player.

Nonetheless, Raekwon Smith is one of the significant players on his team, and with his skills, there is no doubt he will accomplish his dream to be a professional player. We wish him a bright future ahead.

Name Meaning

An American name Raekwon means A Person Gifted With Good Words.

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