Meet Miller Steven Etheridge And Johnnie Rose Etheridge- Photos Of Melissa Etheridge’s Twin Children

Melissa Etheridge's twin childrenMiller Steven Etheridge and Johnnie Rose Etheridge are Melissa Etheridge's twin children with her ex-partner, Tammy Lynn Michaels. Image Source: Instagram.

On October 17, 2006, Melissa Etheridge‘s twin children, Miller Steven Etheridge and Johnnie Rose Etheridge, with her ex-partner, Tammy Lynn Michaels, arrived in the world.

Talking about their parents, Melissa Ethridge is a Grammy-winning American singer-songwriter and guitarist, whereas Tammy Lynn Michaels is an American actress. Miller and Johnnie’s parents married each other in 2003, but their marriage ended with a divorce in 2010.

However, the twins have a half-sister named Bailey Jean Cypher. She is Melissa Ethridge’s daughter with her former partner, Julie Cypher but David Crosby was the sperm donor for Bailey and twin half-brother Beckett Cypher, who died on May 13, 2020, after the struggle with opioid addiction. David died at 81 years, and Melissa gave an emotional tribute to her kid’s biological father. Well, let’s not waste any time and know more about Melissa Etheridge’s twin children.

Miller Steven And Johnnie Rose Are Living With Tammy Lynn Michaels

Well, Miller and Johnnie’s parents, separating from each other in 2010, was a rough time to go through for them. It was announced that the ex-partners’ two-year child support battle had been settled in May 2012. Furthermore, it was reported that the ex-pair would be sharing joint custody of their kids. Plus, Michaels was also set to receive a high monthly child support payments, which were previously set at $23,000.

Gong through Tammy Lynn’s Instagram profile, she frequently posts adorable photos of Miller and Johnnie. She loves being with her kids, and they are the reason for Tammy’s happiness. We can say that Tammy is doing great as Miller and Johnnie’s parents. And whenever she uploads photos of her twins, she makes sure not to reveal their faces.

On the other side, Melissa seems to be the kind of person who loves privacy, secrecy, and personal space. She barely uploads photos of her children on her Instagram account.

Miller Steven and Johnnie Rose Etheridge are twins
Tammy clicked a candid photo of her twins and posted it on Instagram. Image Source: hollywoodfarmgirl/Instagram.

However, not a single parent wants to leave their kids high and dry, right? Perhaps Melissa often visits her twin children so that she could have a great bonding with them. Melissa probably doesn’t want to create any fuss in the media about her cute and lovely kids.

Far Away From The Spotlight And Media

Even if Miller Steven and Johnnie Rose Etheridge’s parents are famous and talented celebrities in the entertainment industry, they are not so familiar in the limelight and media. Rather than that, both of Melissa Etheridge’s son and daughter are pursuing a subtle and usual life.

It looks like the twins are studying in a reputed school. They must be focusing and concentrating on their studies. Tammy must be doing everything for her children so that they have beautiful smiles on their faces. Miller and Johnnie have immense love for each other and are always there for each other.

Nevertheless, as mentioned on top, Miller and Johnnie’s half-brother, Beckett Cypher’s sudden death news, brought emotional traumas for them. May Beckett ‘rest in peace’ in heaven. We hope the twins, Miller Steven and Johnnie Rose could transform their woes into joy in the upcoming days.

Name Meaning

Miller Steven Etheridge – The name Miller is an occupational name, meaning ‘grain-grinder.’ Steven came from the Greek word ‘Stéphanos,’ meaning ‘wreath, crown.’

Johnnie Rose Etheridge – Johnnie is of Hebrew origin, meaning ‘God is gracious.’ Similarly, Rose refers to ‘a flower’ and is of Latin origin.

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