Meet All Three Daughters Of Actor Sean Astin

Sean Astin daughters

Actor Sean Astin has three young daughters named Alexandra Astin, Isabella Louis Astin and Elizabeth Louise Astin whom he had shared with his wife, Christine Harrell.  His wife, Christine had once won the title Miss Indiana Teen USA in 1984.

Sean’s eldest daughter is an actress who has been featured in several movies. One surprising fact about Sean’s family is that all his three daughters have played a role in the film Lord Of The Rings alongside their father.

Sean Astin’s Eldest Daughter Alexandra Astin

Alexandra Astin is the first daughter of Sean who was born on November 27, 1996. Like her father, Astin has also set a high profile in Hollywood Industry who has been in the media spotlight since her first movie Lord Of The Rings with her celebrity dad. She is popularly known as Ali Astin who is best known for her several movies such as Bad Kids of Crestview Academy (2017) and Ribbit (2014).


Ali gets recognized doing stuff onstage with her dad. Astin wrote the Spy movie in which Ali has played the female protagonist. Besides her acting career, she has even worked with a music album. It looks like Ali is slowly making her way up. Sean Astin’s daughter Alexandra Astin is now a senior at Harvard University.

Elizabeth Louise Astin Is An Intelligent Girl

Sean Astin’s daughter Elizabeth Louise Astin was born on August 6, 2002, and also has made her appearance on Lord of the Rings 2003. There isn’t any news about her role in film projects, but she is growing up healthy and beautiful. Elizabeth has a different reputation in school. She is a sophomore at Oaks Christian High School in Los Angeles and is also a vice president of the Students for Equal Rights Foundation.

Sean Astin's daughter Elizabeth. Louise Astin
Sean Astin’s daughter Elizabeth Louise Astin is a sophomore at Oaks Christian High School. Image Source-The Winchester.

Not only that, but Elizabeth is also a member of National Honor and in many things, she has taken part. She is indeed a gifted child. Astin proudly took to his Instagram stating Elizabeth, the queen as she won the title, Queen Shenandoah in 2018.

As for Isabella Louise Astin, she is the youngest daughter of Sean Astin and Christine Harrell. She hasn’t had any appearance after she once played the role together with her sisters and dad in the LOTR franchise. However, she is also growing up beautiful with her talented sisters and parents.

Sean Astin's family
Sean Astin’s three daughters and his wife, Christine Harrell. Image Source-GRID.

Isabella Louise Astin, Elizabeth Astin, and Alexandra Astin: Name Meaning

Isabella name is the Hebrew origin meaning ‘Devoted to God.’ Elizabeth is the Greek baby name which means “God is satisfaction’ and Alexandra means “protect.”

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