Meet Michael Fertitta – Tilman Fertitta’s Son Graduated From Law School

Tilman Fertitta's son Michael FertittaMichael Fertitta is the eldest child of Tilman Fertitta and Paige Fertitta. Image Source: Tilman Fertitta Instagram.

Tilman Fertitta is a name that can never be forgotten in the business world. Rings a bell? Well, he is an American billionaire businessman and television personality, who is well-known for being the CEO, chairman, and owner of Landry’s, Inc. Talking about his other business ventures, he is the owner of the NBA team, Houston Rockets and is also chairman of the board of regents of the University of Houston System.

Hard work is not the only factor that helps a person to become successful. Never-ending love and support of their family members also play a pivotal role. Likewise, Tillman is extremely fortunate to have a loving family consisting of four kids and a wife. He shares the children with his ex-wife, Paige Fertitta.

So, without further ado, let’s learn about Tilman Fertitta’s son, Michael Fertitta, and what he is doing these days.

One Of The Four Children Of His Dad And Mom

Michael was born in September 1992 as one of the four children of his father and mother. As mentioned earlier, he is the son of Tilman and Paige Fertitta. He is the first/eldest child of his parents and grew up with two brothers and a sister.

In September 1994, Michael Fertitta’s brother, Patrick Fertitta, was born. Then, in September 1997, his sister Blayne Fertitta, full name Blayne Alexandra Fertitta, arrived. Likewise, Blake Fertitta is the youngest among the Fertitta clan, and he arrived in July 2001. As the siblings do not have many years of age differences, it must have been extremely fun growing up together.

Tilman Fertitta's son Michael Fertitta
Michael Fertitta has two younger brothers and a younger sister. Image Source: Tilman Fertitta Instagram.

In addition, Michael Fertitta’s siblings have already completed college. For instance, his younger brothers, Patrick and Blake, went to the University of Southern California and Louisiana State University, respectively, and the latter holds a business degree. Michael’s sister, Blayne, also went to the University of Southern California Annenberg School of Communication and Journalism and majored in public relations and minored in business.

So, where did Tilman Fertitta’s baby boy go to? What is his major?

Michael Attended Law School

Tilman’s son went to Houston Christian High School. After completing high school, he went to The University of Mississippi – Ole Miss and graduated in May 2016. He earned a Bachelor’s degree in Integrated Marketing Communications. Michael Fertitta’s dad shared a picture congratulating him on his milestone.

After that, Tilman Fertitta’s son went to South Texas College of Law. He graduated in 2022, and just like before, his father shared a photo celebrating his milestone. But, as he has already completed his studies, what is Michael’s profession? Has he followed his dad’s footsteps?

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Tilman Fertitta’s Son Is His Toughest Critic

From many people’s perspectives, Tilman is a successful businessman; some even see him as an inspirational figure. But for his son, Michael, he is just a dad who raised him with immense care and provided everything. Furthermore, Fertitta’s kid once revealed that it was hard for him to compare it to anything else.

After graduating college, Tilman Fertitta’s son moved back to Houston to assist in running the family empire. In November 2017, Michael and his brother, Patrick, were installed as directors of the Houston Rockets front office by Fertitta Entertainment company.

During the time when his dad purchased the Rockets, Michael and his brother were two of his toughest critics who supported his decision of buying. The boys want the best for the city of Houston, which might also include bringing a professional hockey team to the Toyota Center.

Although information about Michael’s current profession is not divulged, he must be assisting his dad with business. Likewise, with a law degree, is he working at some law firm? Let’s hope we learn more about his professional career in the coming days.

Who Is Michael Fertitta’s Girlfriend?

When asked if he would call himself Houston’s most eligible bachelor, Tilman Fertitta’s child replied that it was the hardest question and he could get into trouble for it. Several fans must adore the handsome hunk, and they must be wondering if he is single or is already taken.

Unfortunately, fans will have to wait to know that, as Michael has not revealed much about his personal life. While his Instagram is private, he hasn’t posted anything about his romantic relationship on his Facebook as well. So, for now, the information about Michael Fertitta’s girlfriend remains scarce. But anyone dating him would be really fortunate to have found an ideal guy like him.

Therefore, it might be possible that Michael is currently focusing on building his career. Or, even if he is seeing someone, he must be respecting his partner’s need for privacy. Let’s hope we get to know more about his love life in the coming days. All in all, we hope to see him succeed like his dad and have ecstatic days ahead.

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