Is Matt Stonie’s Mother Cathy Stonie Also Involved In Competitive Food Eating?

Matt Stonie's mother, Cathy StonieMatt Stonie's mother, Cathy Stonie chose confidentiality but supports her kid a lot. Image Source: Matt's Facebook.

Matthew Kai Stonie, aka Matt Stonie, is an American competitive eater and YouTuber ranked #4 competitive eater in Major League Eating. Dethroning 8-time defending champion Joey Chestnut, Stonie won the 2015 Nathan’s Hot Dog Eating Contest and gained fame alongside his YouTube channel.

Moreover, Matt has always been candid about his supportive parents, Dorian Stonie and Cathy Stonie. Therefore, here, we shall talk about Matt Stonie’s mother, Cathy Stonie. Stick with us to know if Cathy is also involved in competitive food eating.

Matt Stonie’s Mother Is A Private Person

As mentioned earlier, Matt Stonie’s parents are avid supporters of their kids. However, we do not have many tabs on them as they’ve always maintained privacy. Furthermore, Matt also keeps his parents away from his social media handles, and so does his brother, Morgan Stonie.

Fortunately, Cathy’s husband, Dorian, is on Facebook, but his account seems inactive since 2017. Furthermore, she has always remained adamant about maintaining her confidentiality. Hence, we might not find Matt Stonie’s mother on the Internet for a while.

Posted by Dorian Stonie on Monday, March 16, 2009


One thing that stands out about the Stonie pair is that Matt and his sibling are of Japanese, Czechoslovakian, and Lithuanian ancestry. Although she rose to fame as Matt Stonie’s maa, Cathy Stonie has maintained a pretty low-key life and has never appeared in his channel, ever.

Also, you might be wondering if Matt Stonie’s mom is into competitive eating or not? The answer is yes; she is into competitive eating. How do we know? According to Mercury News, Cathy’s husband, Dorian, spoke on her behalf; he said they both have gotten just as into the Major League eating as their son over time. Hence, Stonie’s mom and dad frequently root for him during his competitions.

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Gave Birth To Two Kids With Her Long-time Partner, Dorian Stonie

Cathy Stonie has been married to her husband, Dorian Stonie, for a long time.

Together, they created two beautiful baby boys, Matt Stonie and Morgan Stonie. Both the Stonie brothers have massive personality differences and interests, but somehow they are very aligned and help one another grow.

Matt Stonie's mother, Cathy Stonie
Matt Stonie’s mother, Cathy Stonie, gave birth to two sons who have two different interests and personalities. Image Source: Matt’s Instagram.

Moreover, Cathy Stonie’s son, Matt Stonie, grew up to become the no #1 eating champion, while her younger son, Morgan Stonie, grew up to handle the camera for his brother and enjoy his growth with nature.

As stated earlier, Cathy and her partner are always supportive of their older son’s career choices. However, she finds the irony of the contrasting difference between Matt’s competitive eating career and his degree in nutrition.

Cathy further noted that her son really watched what he eats and controls everything. She further added her oldest kid could recite all of the nutrition information ‘off the back of his hand.’ This shows that the mother-son duo has a very close relationship despite privacy.

Born and raised in San Jose, California, Matt made history in competitive eating and earned the nickname, Megatoad. Thus, all of his social media posts are food or championship-related. Ironically, amidst the 584 uploads, Matt Stonie’s mother, Cathy Stonie, never appeared in any posts.

Hence, the desire to remain private must have been commendable for Cathy except for a few interviews. Nevertheless, Matt is yet to make more world records, so, luckily, we might see her in one of those contests.

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