Does Matt Stonie’s Brother Morgan Stonie Also Share The Same Kind Of Love For Competitive Food Eating?

Matt Stonie's brother Morgan StonieMatt Stonie and his brother Morgan Stonie share a loving bond with one another. Photo Source: Morgan's Instagram.

Matt Stonie is an American competitive eater-cum-Youtuber who gained fame from his YouTube channel and his victory in the 2015 Nathan’s Hot Dog Eating Contest.

Alongside Matt appears his brother, Morgan Stonie, famous amongst his fans, and the folks are curious to know more about his whereabouts. Therefore, here is everything about Matt Stonie’s brother Morgan Stonie. Tag along until the end to know if he likes competitive eating.

An Avid Adventurer

As mentioned earlier, competitive eater Matt Stonie has a younger brother, Morgan Stonie.

Cathy Stonie and Dorian Stonie welcomed their second child, Morgan Stonie, in 1993, a year after his older brother, Matt Stonie. Since the Stonie siblings do not have a considerable age difference, they grew up bonding well.

However, Morgan’s interest is massively diverse from his brother, who is into competitive eating and became the #1 eating champion. Interestingly, Matt’s brother is more of an avid adventurer and loves to travel every once in a while.

Morgan also lived in a van and enjoyed his free life. He further updated his Instagram with his travel photos and a short description regarding his journey.


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Also, the avid traveler Morgan moved to Hawaii and enjoyed the beauty of the country. Looking at his Instagram, Morgan seems pretty optimistic about life and learns from nature every given moment.

Moreover, while going through Morgan Stonie’s Facebook, he went to Evergreen Valley High School and attended De Anza College. He further worked as a QC contractor at Snap-on Diagnostics.

Currently, Morgan is helping his brother with his channel.

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Appeared In A Few YouTube Videos

It is no secret that Matt Stonie’s added fame came from his YouTube channel, which has a whopping 14.1 million subscribers. As Matt has clearly stated, his parents are fully supportive of his career choice. However, his brother plays quite an influential role in growing his channel.

Furthermore, Matt Stonie’s brother, Morgan Stonie, also helps him manage his channel significantly. While talking to The Next Web, Matt revealed that his younger sibling helps him with the camera.

Besides, Morgan is also an occasional participant in his channel. Matt further admitted that his brother had been the biggest help, not just with the camera but made the videos entertaining with his funny comments.

The first time Morgan appeared on Matt’s channel was eight years ago. Since then, he has been a recurring guest on his elder brother’s channel. Morgan even participated in a few challenges like double cheeseball barrel, giant ramen, Giant Shave ice cream, Kale Salad Challenge, KFC challenge, and many more.

Likewise, Morgan also tried to eat PB&J in 60 seconds and attempted to drink 2L diet coke without burping. Furthermore, his attitude in the videos? Always laid back and carefree. The recent video of the Stonie siblings together is the double cheeseball barrel challenge.

Indeed it is hilarious to see Matt attack his food in a competitor style while his brother, Morgan, is all chilled and slowly digging his food. Frankly, Morgan knows that he is no match to his brother, who became victorious over monstrous eaters like Joey Chestnut, among others.

Privacy The Priority

If we forgot to mention earlier, Matt Stonie’s brother, Morgan Stonie, is a private person and consciously stays away from social media. The last time he posted on his Instagram was in January 2021. Since then, his account remains dormant.

However, Morgan has garnered over three thousand followers, and his post count reached 130 as of January 2021. Furthermore, as stated earlier, he previously shared his travel tales with his followers, but now, it has been replaced by his self-birthday wishes.

Matt Stonie's brother Morgan Stonie
Matt Stonie’s brother Morgan Stonie wishes himself on his birthdays. Image Source: Morgan’s Instagram.

Meaning, Morgan made the ritual of posting a birthday experience every year as he did on his 26th and 27th birthdays. In one of his 2017 posts, Morgan admitted that not posting for a year and shifting all his focus on himself has indeed allowed him to pebble his path & prioritize his purpose.

The October-born Stonie’s younger brother is as adventurous as one can imagine. He is possibly up for any daring events and currently is focusing on building a more prominent channel with Matt. Hence, we hope to see more of Morgan Stonie in the future. Hopefully, the almost 30 years old reveals something about his relationship status with his followers and subscribers someday.

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