The Similarities and Differences Between Twins Alyssa Naeher and Amanda Naeher

Alyssa Naeher's Twin SisterAlyssa Naeher's twin sister Amanda Naeher is the soccer coach. Photo Source: Alyssa Naeher's Instagram.

The number one goalie of the United States Women’s National Soccer Team (USWNT), Alyssa Naeher, isn’t the only one in the family who plays soccer. The U.S. women’s national team goalkeeper Alyssa Naeher’s twin sister, Amanda Naeher, also plays football and is good at it.

The sisters grew up playing soccer together, and apart from being twins, what other similarities or differences could the Naeher sisters have? If you are curious and want to learn the similarities and differences between Alyssa Naeher and her twin sister, then continue reading until the end.

How Did Both Sisters Get Into Football?

When we are young, we can’t tell what could lead to us finding our interest, which could eventually become our career. Alyssa and her sister Amanda don’t just look alike but share the same love for soccer.

Alyssa and Amanda were only 11 when they first attended the World Cup in New Jersey in 1999. They loved the game so much, and that world cup experience changed the whole trajectory of the Naeher twins’ life. The goalie of the U.S. women’s team recalls enjoying the game to the extent that she couldn’t stop smiling for a week afterward.

The Naeher sisters attended Christian Heritage School and were soccer stars. Alyssa Naeher’s twin sister Amanda Naeher used to play defender while Alyssa was the goalkeeper. Both sisters chased their soccer glory in their respective way. Learn about another USWNT goalkeeper, Adrianna Franch, and her net worth.

Branched Off From The Same Stem

Alyssa and Amanda both loved football passionately. When Alyssa joined Pennslyvania State University, Amanda went to Messiah College. Both continued playing soccer during their college years. While Alyssa still played as a goalie during her college days, Amanda played forward.

However, after their college years, Alyssa embarked on her club journey with Boston Breakers while Amanda switched to becoming a coach instead. The reason for the switch is undisclosed, but both Naeher sisters look content with their decision, and Amanda can be seen wholeheartedly supporting her sister Alyssa’s career.

Alyssa Naeher Twin Sister Amanda Naeher
Alyssa Naeher and her twin sister Amanda Naeher both grew up playing soccer. Photo Source: Alyssa Naeher’s Instagram.

Alyssa Naeher’s twin sister Amanda Naeher initially started as a soccer head coach at Varsity Girls, then later at Charlotte Christian School, and is not a team member of Charlotte Eagles. While Alyssa continued playing as a goalkeeper and is now the number-one goalkeeper of the U.S. Women’s National Team, Amanda is making her name as the soccer coach.

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Alyssa Credits Amanda For Her Success

The bond the Naeher sisters shares are quite wholesome. Now an established USA goalie Alyssa Naeher credits her sister for helping her throughout her career. She recalls playing soccer with Amanda at their family’s garage, which helped Alyssa prepare for her 2019 world cup.

Alyssa Naeher took over Hope Solo‘s long-held position as the best goalkeeper in U.S. soccer history. On the other hand, Amanda Naeher also never misses an opportunity to show her unwavering love and support to her sister, which can be seen in Alyssa’s corner, rooting for her during her games.

The Naeher Sisters Love Life

Apart from their career and success, neither Alyssa nor Amanda has ever discussed their love life with the media. Both sisters are keeping their romantic aspect of life quite lowkey. However, on June 11, 2021, Amanda shocked her fans by posting a polaroid picture with a guy as her Facebook profile picture.

This led to fans speculating if Alyssa Naeher’s twin sister is revealing her love life through the Facebook post. Regardless of the speculation and gossip, Amanda has kept her lips tight. So, could it be that the elder Naeher is dating someone? Well, we shall have to wait until Amanda comes forward and talk about it.

On the other hand, the Chicago Red goalkeeper, Alyssa, has never let us have any chance to talk about her love life. As a result, she has never been the topic of gossip or any controversies. By the looks of it, Alyssa seems to be currently single.

Alyssa and Amanda also have a younger sister, Abigail Naeher Korman. All three sisters share the strongest bond. Just like the Naeher siblings got each other’s back, we, too, wish them all the best in their future endeavors.

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