Meet Aaron Donald’s Mother Anita Goggins – Where Is She Now?

Aaron Donald's mother Anita GogginsAnita Goggins is the mother of NFL superstar, Aaron Donald. Image Source: Aaron's Instagram.

Aaron Charles Donald, aka Aaron Donald, is an American football player. He plays as the defensive tackler for the Los Angeles Rams in the National Football League (NFL). Aaron attended the Penn Hills High School in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, and started his football career from there. After graduating from high school, Rivals rated him as a three-star prospect.

Similarly, Aaron was committed to his hometown and stayed in Pittsburgh despite offers from other colleges. He continued his college at the University of Pittsburgh, playing for the Pittsburgh Panthers. Furthermore, he was drafted as the 13th overall pick by the Rams, named St. Louis Rams, in 2014. He recently won the Super Bowl LVI with the Rams defeating the Cincinnati Bengals.

Donald is very close with his family, apart from his outstanding NFL career. Aaron was aware of his parent’s struggles at a very young age and wanted to help them retire. Hence without further delay, in today’s article, let’s get to know about Aaron Donald’s mother, Anita Goggins. 

Mother of Three Kids

Anita Goggins is the mother of NFL superstar Aaron Donald. Furthemore, Anita and her husband, Archie Donald, gave birth to two other children. Besides Aaron, Anita has a son, Archie Donald Jr., and a daughter, Akita Donald. Both of her other children are older than her NFL superstar son.

Aaron Donald's mother Anita Goggins
Anita Goggins has a son and daughter besides Aaron. Image Source: Aaron’s Instagram.

Unfortunately, Anita and her husband separated when their kids were still small. Followingly, Anita had started her own transportation business and had to be on the move every time. However, she always tried to pass through routes that touched her neighborhood so she could look at her children. Even after separation from her husband, she would try to be at her sons’ games, adjusting the travel routes.

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Aaron Donald’s Mother Shared His Childhood On Media

In 2017, while he was playing for the Los Angeles Rams, Aaron Donald’s mom, Anita Goggins, appeared on a video for the Pittsburgh Football on their segment of Pitt Football Moms. She talked about how Aaron was a quiet kid growing up in the video.

Substantially, her son would run around the backyard playing football with his elder brother. In addition, Anita mentioned that football has always been part of the family, and Aaron had it in his blood to play the sport. Furthermore, Anita’s ex-husband would wake Aaron up at 4 am and help him with his workout.

However, all the hard work now seems to have paid off as her son is a Super Bowl champion now. Similarly, Aaron Donald’s mother, Anita Goggins, must be proud of her son’s achievements.

Must Be Living A Comfortable Life

As mentioned above, Aaron Donald’s mama, Anita Goggins’ life was not easy. She and her husband struggled and worked extremely hard to meet the family’s ends. However, Aaron and his elder brother, who shared bunk beds, would talk about giving their parents a happy life, and one day everything did change for good.

Fortunately, after being drafted by the Rams in the NFL draft night, Anita’s son Aaron took her out exploring cities. In addition, Anita was also advised to quit her job by her son, and now he would take care of everything and the family.

Furthermore, Anita’s son Aaron has his own YouTube channel. We can see him enjoying a luxurious and lavish lifestyle on his vlogs. He takes care of his partner and children trying to fulfill their needs and requirements. Similarly, it must be no different with his parents. Therefore, we can assume that Anita must be living a very pleasant and comfortable life after her son’s NFL career kick-started.

Now, being a mom of a Super Bowl winner, she must be in a party mood. So we wish Aaron Donald’s mother, Anita Goggins, all the best for her future. The grandmother of eight kids must be loving life right now.

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