5 Things You Didn’t Know About Alina Baikova and Her Controversial Dress at Cannes

Alina Baikova CannesAlina Baikova Cannes. Image Source: Instagram.

Alina Baikova, the Ukrainian model who made headlines for her controversial dress at the 2023 Cannes Film Festival. But how well do you know her? She is a supermodel who is more than just a pretty face.

In this blog, we will explore 5 things you didn’t know about Alina Baikova as well as her controversial dress at Cannes. So stick with us until the end.

5. From Poverty to the Runway: Alina Baikova’s Humble Beginnings

Alina Baikova was born in Ukraine and grew up in a small village. Her family struggled financially, and Baikova often had to work hard in restaurants to earn money.

Alina used to work as a waitress in a small cafe in Kirovohard that paid her only 10 euros a month.

But no matter where you are, you always get pulled towards your destiny. When the cafe Baikova used to work decided to get uniforms for all the staff, Alina’s life began to take a turn.

The owner of the atelier asked Baikova if she wanted to be a model. Back then, she was unaware of the modeling career and didn’t think much of it.

Later, at the disco, when a stranger asked her if she was a model, Alina Baikova took it as fate’s sign and went to modeling school. 

Now, Baikova is one of the most successful models who have worked with Hermes, Calvin Klein, Armani, and many more.

So, Alina’s success inspires many, and her humble beginnings remind us that anyone can achieve their dreams if they believe in it and worked on it.

4. Entrepreneurship and Innovation: Alina Baikova’s Flower Delivery App

In addition to her successful modeling career, Alina Baikova is also an entrepreneur.

Baikova developed a friendly mobile application in 2015 that transports custom-made floral arrangements throughout Europe, utilizing blossoms cultivated in Amsterdam.

The app was a passion project for Baikova, who has always loved flowers and wanted to bring a personal touch to the flower delivery industry.

The application also enables clients to customize their flower arrangements with unique messages, which makes it an ideal present for important events.

Baikova’s entrepreneurial spirit and innovative approach to the flower delivery industry show that she is not just a model but also a savvy businesswoman.

Alina’s app demonstrates her commitment to sustainability and desires to make a positive change and influence the world. It also shows that Baikova is unafraid to take risks and pursue her passions in both fashion and business.

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3. The Power of Fashion: Alina Baikova’s Political Statement at Cannes

Alina Baikova made a bold political statement at the 2023 Cannes Film Festival with her outfit choice.

The Ukrainian model’s yellow T-shirt dress, made in collaboration with the Ukrainian brand Room, had the message “F*** You Putin” in bold blue lettering.

Baikova arrived at the festival in a beige raincoat, which she dramatically opened up to reveal her message to the world.

Alina’s outfit immediately attracted attention, and she was soon surrounded by five black-suited security guards who escorted her away.

This fashion statement was a clear reference to the ongoing conflict between Ukraine and Russia. She targeted Vladimir Putin and wore a dress that insulted Russia’s president.

Baikova’s fashion statement at Cannes was a powerful political statement that drew attention to the ongoing conflict between Ukraine and Russia.

It also demonstrated the power of fashion as a tool for making bold political statements and raising awareness about important social issues.

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2. Supporting Ukrainian Designers: Alina Baikova’s Fashion Choices

Alina Baikova has not only made a political statement with her outfit at the Cannes Film Festival, but she has also shown her support for Ukrainian designers.

Baikova wore a $770 beige trench coat from the Ukrainian brand RDNT, which she paired with sparkling blue and silver diamond drop earrings and a matching statement necklace from Chopard.

On top of that, the model’s choice of footwear also continued her support for Ukrainian designers, as she opted for sleek pumps from Kachorovska, another Ukrainian brand.

Additionally, by wearing clothing and accessories from Ukrainian designers, Baikova is promoting their work. She takes pride in her Ukrainian heritage.

Alina is using her platform as a model to grasp attention to the talent and creativity of Ukrainian designers, which is often overlooked in the fashion industry.

1. Activism and Advocacy: Alina Baikova’s Fight for Ukraine

Baikova’s Instagram account is filled with posts highlighting the beauty and culture of Ukraine and bringing attention to the ongoing conflict with Russia.

Alina has used her platform to raise awareness about the impact of the conflict on Ukrainian citizens and to advocate for peace and diplomacy. 

The Ukrainian model’s activism and advocacy show that she is not just a model but also a passionate and dedicated citizen of Ukraine.

Alina Baikova Cannes
Alina Baikova Cannes. Image Source: Instagram.

Alina is utilizing her online presence to draw consideration towards significant problems and bring about beneficial change in her nation. She also hopes to bring a positive impact in the world beyond the fashion industry.

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