Martha Stewart and Pete Davidson: Are They an Item or Not?

You gotta hand it to Martha… she’s certainly holding her own for an 81-year-old woman who’s been in the press for all sorts of reasons. And we’re not just talking about her much-loved cooking tips and lifestyle hacks! We’re not even talking about the felonies for which she was incarcerated!

The recent spotlight has been shining on her love life. Yep… you read correctly. And it’s not like this is the first time her romantic relationships were the topics of public interest, either. Martha’s friendship with pot-smoking rapper Snoop Dogg certainly had a few heads turning, with all the rumors circulating. But, the truth is, it was an innocent friendship – unlikely as it may have been! Now, with the somewhat fresh break-up of Kim K and Pete Davidson, the culinary queen was spotted with Davidson. And of course, people can’t help but wonder why on earth the pair have been seen together.

It’s no news that celebrities and their private lives are the topic of conversation for many people around the world – it’s part and parcel of the fame and fortune that comes with it. Stars either need to accept it or get out of the limelight. But, there are also so many monetary benefits they manage to reap. And this is not limited to their business ventures – we’re talking about merchandise, lucrative marketing deals and even no deposit slots named after them. The list is virtually endless! 

THAT photo

What sparked the rumors? Whelp, it all started back in April when M.Stew was snapped clasping hands with Pete at the White House Correspondents’ Dinner – with Kim on his other side, mind you. In response to the internet blowing up about the moment, Martha said, “He’s a charming boy who is finding his way. I’ve invited him to come on my podcast and I look forward to hearing what he has to say.”

While it might be innocuous to some, to others, that might sound like a good way to mix business with pleasure. Meeting potential lovers through work is almost a given in showbiz. For instance, Petey met Ariana for the first time when she hit the stage on Saturday Night Live in 2016 – the show where Pete first made his mark as the youngest ever regular cast member.

 All about Pete

It’s no secret that Pete Davidson is hot property. His career, as a comedian on Saturday Night Live, jettisoned into superstar status when he started dating one of the hottest pop stars on the planet. Whether Pete and Ariana were still with their previous partners when the relationship started is still a matter up for discussion – as the timelines there were pretty close. While their relationship was short and sweet (and their engagement even shorter), her disclosure that he had BDE really set the singles scene alight.

Kim’s recent confirmation of his BDE, and their ongoing hers ‘n hers pap outings – the most famous being that Marilyn moment – has put Pete as the man to watch. While some predicted that Kim and Pete were on the path to her fourth(!) marriage, the pairing ended almost as soon as it started, with the two announcing the breakup just nine months after it began.

Is this latest outing just a business venture? A quirky collab?

So, has Martha now snared herself some of that BDE? Who wouldn’t be interested in seeing what Pete has to offer after his back catalog of girlfriends featuring the hottest and most famous women on the planet? And wouldn’t Pete be interested in a woman who can bake, has been to jail, and is besties with snoop – isn’t variety the spice of life?

Honestly, if Martha and Pete were to hook up, it’d be the stuff of Hollywood legends. More often than not, it’s a 20-something woman on the arm of a much older man… Hello, Leo and Camila Morrone. The last celeb couple with an age gap that set tongues really wagging was Sarah Paulson and Holland Taylor, at 31 years apart. We think that we’re due for a younger man and much older woman love story!

But in all truth, this latest spotting is probably just a start of a unique friendship. Much like Martha’s relationship with Snoop Dogg – aka BFF status – we’re likely to see something similar happening here. Although, who knows? Maybe Snoop and Martha really have had a thing and we’re all in the dark about it? ‘Time will always tell’, just as Kim herself so eloquently put it in her latest Instagram post, just two weeks post-breakup.

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