Brandon Blackstock’s Ex-wife Melissa Ashworth, 5 Facts Including Divorce Reason

Brandon Blackstock's Ex-wife Melissa AshworthThe five facts about Brandon's ex-wife, Mesilla Ashworth. Image source: Instagram/melissa_ashworth_midkiff.

Brandon Blackstock is an American talent manager with a massive fortune. Blackstock is also popular for being married to renowned singer Kelly Clarkson. And just like her, he is no stranger to the music industry as he is a music manager. He is the son of manager Narvel Blackstock.

A lot is known about his second marriage, while very less is known about his previous marriage and his first ex-spouse. So, in this article, we’ve tried to come up with information and facts about Brandon Blackstock’s ex-wife Melissa Ashworth.

Who Is Brandon Blackstock’s Ex-Wife Melissa Ashworth?

Melissa was born on July 29.1974, to her father, Mark Ashworth, and her mother, Debra Ashworth. She also has a brother named Brian Ashworth. Regardless of her ex-husband being so popular, there is not much information about her. She has been incredibly secretive about her personal life as well as professional. Even though she is a regular on social media, she rarely reveals anything about her life.

Brandon was married to Melissa till 2012 but did not seem to be in close proximity to her lately. The main reason for Melissa’s secrecy must be to avoid all the hate and negativity that comes after being known. As of now, she has not revealed what work she does or what her interests are, so let’s hope we get to hear from her pretty soon.

Two Children With Brandon Blackstock

Before divorcing in 2012, Melissa gave birth to two wonderful children. Melissa’s eldest daughter with ex-husband Brandon, Savannah Blackstock, was born on June 7, 2001, and is 19 years old. Her son Seth Blackstock was born in 2005 and is currently 15 years old. Savannah and Seth both are growing up like a charm regardless of their parents’ divorce.

Brandon Blackstock’s ex-wife Melissa has made sure that her children do not lack any kind of nourishment and grow up to become a fine human being. As of now, her nourishment seems to be working, and Savannah and Seth are on their tracks to become fully-fledged adults.

Speaking of Melissa Ashworth’s daughter Savannah is interested in horse riding. Savannah can be seen spending quite a lot of time horse riding. Her Instagram profile showcases some of her training, and she seems really passionate bout it. Savannah has grown a thing for horse riding while her brother Seth enjoys bullfighting. Moreover, she is also interested in basketball.

Brandon Blackstock’s Ex-Wife Melissa Is Resilient

Melissa Ashworth has established herself as a resident woman. Even after divorcing Brandon, she seems to be quite comfortable about seeing her ex-husband with Kelly Clarkson. Also, she cherishes the couple’s children as well,.

Brandon Blackstock's ex-wife Melissa Ashworth.
Melissa Ashworth with her son Seth. Image Source: Instagram/melissa_ashworth_midkiff.

Melissa was one of the first to meet Kelly Clarkson’s daughter River Rose Blackstock after she was born. She even called her the most precious. Melissa’s gesture of accepting Kelly and Brandon is more than resilient and shows her kind nature.

Melissa Is Now Married To Chris White

After a failed marriage in 2012, Melissa must have been in distress for quite some time. After almost two years, she finally rediscovered her love in the form of Chris White. The couple married in 2014 and are cruising through their marriage. Melissa has finally found her life and moved on from her previous one.

While Melissa continues to be in the spotlight for being Brandon Blackstock’s ex-wife, we will definitely continue to hear more about her. As for her husband, Chris seems to be off the social media scene and rarely makes an appearance. Let’s hope this new couple will continue their journey through life together.

Divorce Reason

Brandon and Melissa have been divorced for more than eight years now, but both of them have not revealed the primary reason for their divorce. Moreover, Brandon recently also divorced his second wife, Kelly Clarkson, and cited irreconcilable differences being their primary reason for divorce. As far as we know, the same is the reason for Brandon’s first divorce with Melissa.

Until and unless Brandon or Melissa comes out and share their reason for divorce, all we have are the likely assumptions.

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