Married SInce 2013, Learn More About Caleb Walker’s Wife Stephanie Branch

Caleb Walker's Wife Stephanie WalkerCaleb Walker's Wife Stephanie Walker is a kind hearted person. Image Source: Caleb's Instagram.

The world works in eerily mysterious ways. A fine example is Paul Walker’s death in a tragic accident and, unfortunately, a month after celebrating his brother Caleb Walker’s big day with the entire family. Paul left his two young brothers with the world, who fortunately share their memories with us and even helped to continue the Fast & Furious franchise.

Therefore, we will be tailing Paul Walker’s athlete brother, Caleb Walker, and his wife, Stephanie Branch. The pair are married since 2013, and as mentioned, a month before Paul Walker’s death. So, we might as well share some glorious moments of Paul at Caleb-Stephanie’s wedding. Therefore stick till the end.

Who Is Caleb Walker’s Wife, Stephanie Walker?

Caleb Walker’s wife, Stephanie Branch Walker, decided to add his surname. The couple has been married for a long time but still shares the same passion.

However, unlike Caleb, his spouse and baby mama likes to stay away from the media’s presence. Although we know most of Walker’s family’s whereabouts, it is hard to find Caleb Walker’s wife’s private life.

According to the Instagram protocol, Stephanie Branch, aka Stephanie Walker, garners 12.5k followers on Instagram, making her liable for the micro-influencer tag. However, her Instagram is family-focused and merely a social media that keeps her memories. Her frequent uploads include her son, her husband, and some small/ casual celebration.

Unfortunately, Stephanie managed to tuck her professional details away from the public. However, in 2017, she had posted a picture tributing her ‘co-workers’ at Rancho Mission Viejo, who threw her and baby Walker a massive baby shower party.

Although we do not know much of Caleb Walker’s spouse’s professional details, she must be doing excellent. Interestingly, she might even have taken full responsibility for her family in her arms. Well, she’d make a wonderful working mom regardless of her career choices. So, let’s hope to hear more details about her soon.

Married To Stephanie Branch Since 2013

Relationships and marriages are paradox a few people understand with great maturity and manage to maintain a blissful marriage. Among such lucky people is Paul Walker‘s brother Caleb, married to his partner, Stephanie, since 2013.

Caleb Walker's Wife Stephanie Walker
Caleb Walker shared his vows with his wife Stephanie in 2013. Image Source: Caleb’s Instagram.

Furthermore, the pair shared their vows surrounded by friends and families. Again, the picturesque venue in a country club in California added to their big day’s beauty while Paul Walker served as his best man. Interestingly, the Walkers family spent most of their lives in California.

An unfortunate event followed after a few weeks of their marriage as the Walker pair lost their eldest brother, Paul Walker, in a horrific accident. The entire family grieved the tragic death, including the massive fans of the gorgeous actor. However, accepting death as a cycle creates hope, and hence, the Walker family, including Caleb’s, continue to live with memories of their older brother.

Today, after seven years of marriage and the decades-long relationship, it has gifted them great blissfulness and life-time happiness. Furthermore, they reminisce about their days and share their love with the world via social media.

Conceived Kid Via IVF

It’s always an emotional rollercoaster when it comes to expanding a family. Aforementioned, the world works mysteriously, and that’s how one becomes pregnant. One might not want a kid but become pregnant instantly, while the other might try for years and look up to science for assistance.

Paul Walker’s brother, Caleb Walker and Stephanie Walker had to experience the latter one. Furthermore, in one of Stephanie Walker’s Ig posts, it is revealed that the pair conceived their son via In vitro fertilization (IVF).


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Despite the challenges, Caleb Walker’s wife welcomed a healthy baby boy in August 2017.

Parents to One Kid

As stated above, the decades-long relationship and seven years of marriage gifted them immense happiness. Among the happy moments include their baby’s arrival. They welcomed their only kid, a beautiful son, in August 2017.

Caleb and Stephanie Walker’s son, Maverick Paul Walker‘s arrival was well celebrated with their followers on Instagram. On the announcement post, Caleb proudly announced his kid’s coming and confessed to loving his wife more than he ever thought he could.

Caleb Walker’s son, Maverick, has become a three-year-old but has accomplished more than any adult would. According to Caleb, Maverick Paul could win across the pool, dive 7 feet deep, and hit a golf ball 50 yards. Caleb further detailed his baby’s baskets in a row and appreciated how he could make them smile. Additionally, Caleb promised to support his interest and support him despite Maverick’s choices.

Fans do have the idea of a father-son bond, but Caleb Walker’s followers might also know his love for his wife. He continues to share pictures of his baby mama and appreciates her presence. He is grateful for the gift of life and declared her the best mom in the world.

Well, Caleb Walker’s wife, Stephanie Branch, is a lucky woman to have found the man of her dreams and build a beautiful family together. Let’s hope they fill more baskets of memories and continues to add more happiness to the Walkers family.

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