Learn More About Creed Bratton’s Ex-wife Josephine Fitzpatrick

Creed Bratton's Ex-wife Josephine FitzpatrickCreed Bratton's Ex-wife Josephine Fitzpatrick has published three novels under name Joanna Fitzpatrick. Image Source: Josephine Fitzpatrick's site.

Creed Bratton is a talented actor and musician known for his work in the NBC sitcom, The Office. The fictionalized version of himself earned him five nominations for the Screen Actors Guild Award for Outstanding Performances. Growing up in Los Angeles, he also is known as a former member of the rock band The Grass Roots. As a band member, Bratton has appeared in several television shows and he parted ways with the band in the 70s.

While sharpening his acting career, he has worked in several movies like Terri, Mask, Quincy, and several other independent films. Despite the commercial success, personal bliss is not always guaranteed. Likewise was the case with Creed Bratton, who went through two failed marriages. The Office actor Creed Bratton was previously married to Josephine Fitzpatrick and welcomed a kid before moving on to Claudia Watkins Anderson.

Therefore, here’s everything about Creed Bratton’s ex-wife Josephine Fitzpatrick.

Creed Bratton’s Ex-wife Josephine Fitzpatrick Is A Writer

Born and raised in Hollywood, Josephine Fitzpatrick has a creative mind and is making a living out of it. Interestingly, Josephine goes by the name Joanna Fitzpatrick these days and has published several books.

Furthermore, Creed Bratton’s ex-partner has worked in several companies and varieties of roles. She has been a screenwriter, record company executive, and artist manager. Moreover, Fitzpatrick received her bachelor’s degree from the State University of New York College in literature. Likewise, she walked out of Sarah Lawrence College with an MFA in Creative Writing in 2001.

Sarah penned her first book named ‘Katherine Mansfield’ inspired on an airplane while reading Katherine’s short stories collection. Likewise, The Drummer’s Widow portrays Fitzpatrick’s fear of what her life would be like without her drummer husband, Jim Payne. As of now, Bratton’s former partner is currently working on her next project, ‘The Sketch Box.’ According to Joanna’s LinkedIn, she works for the La Drome Press since 2000 and is doing a great job as a writer who juggles her time between northern California and a small village in Southern France.


Before Writing, Creed Bratton’s Former Spouse Worked Several Odd Jobs

Life forces you to go through rough phases to be clear about the purpose of one’s life finally. Likewise was the situation of Josephine Fitzpatrick, aka Joanna Fitzpatrick, as she had to suffer the harshness of the world and remain as humble as ever.

Well, coming back to Joanna’s life, she produced her first film, ‘White Lilacs and Pink Champagne.’ But she had a terrible experience when the director deleted her name from the film credits. Aghast by the experience, Joanna diverted her interest in the musical world.

Poetic Justice. I spent years as an artist manager making it possible for singers and musicians to get up on stage and…

Posted by Joanna FitzPatrick on Saturday, October 25, 2014


During Fitzpatrick’s work as an artist manager in The Manhattan Transfer, she represented Bette Midler and several other notable talents. She was later hired as a managing director of Gramavision Records. Well, the company was subsequently sold without notice. Tired of all the let downs, Joanna decided to complete her study, which had been cut short, to pursue a showbiz career.

Married To Creed Bratton For Seven Years

Aforementioned, Josephine Fitzpatrick rose to fame as Creed Bratton’s ex-wife. The couple shared their vows on 1 September 1967 amidst friends and families.

Unfortunately, most of the couple’s marriage was a secret until Joanna published her thesis, SHA LA LA: Live For Today. Her thesis incorporates her childhood in Hollywood, marrying and divorcing with the Grass Roots lead guitarist Creed.

Moreover, the former Bratton couple parted ways after seven years into marriage and welcoming a daughter named Annie Bratton. After Creed and Josephine divorced in 1974, she raised her daughter as a single mother. Moreover, Joanna, aka Josephine, moved on with Jim Payne.

Likewise, Fitzpatrick’s ex-husband, Creed Bratton, remarried Claudia Watkins Anderson on 29 February 1976. They welcomed a son, Beau Bratton, and divorced after seven years in 1983. It looks like 7 is a threshold for Creed Bratton’s marriage.

Joanna Fitzpatrick’s Current Husband Is An Educator

Joanna Fitzpatrick, aka Josephine Fitzpatrick, remarried funk drummer Jim Payne when she moved to Manhattan with her 11-y/o daughter. The couple welcomed a child together.

Moreover, Joanna Fitzpatrick’s husband, Jim, has an extensive career as a drummer, educator, producer, and collaborator with jazz and funk musicians. Moreover, called ‘Buddy Rich or Billy Cobham of funk drumming’ by Jazz Times Magazine, he is a member at Berklee College of Music.

Creed Bratton's Ex-wife Josephine Fitzpatrick
Creed Bratton’s Ex-wife Josephine Fitzpatrick remarried funk drummer Jim Payne and welcomed a child. Image Source: Joanna’s Facebook.

According to Fitzpatrick’s bio, her husband, Jim, was diagnosed with multiple myeloma, which motivated her to pen her fears as a story. Finally, things went well for both Jim and Joanna as they are still happily married and safe.

Creed Bratton’s ex-wife, Josephine Fitzpatrick, managed to live rightfully despite her troubles as a single mother. She further achieved significant success on her own and remained away from the controversy. The nature-loving woman still lives in the woods to explore her creativity. Therefore, let’s hope her latest project is a hit and she lives a prosperous life.

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