Who Is David Muir’s Sister Rebecca Muir?

David Muir's sister Rebecca MuirDavid Muir's sister Rebecca Muir is living a secluded life away from social media. Image Source: David's Instagram.

People work hard for the fame they deserve in their particular field of expertise. Hence, David Muir’s sister, Rebecca Muir, too worked hard enough to be a known-face at her work, i.e., farming. Besides her hard work, her brother, David Muir, was one of the Sexiest Men Alive in 2014, and an award-winning journalist that aided to her growing fame. 

Therefore, we might have heard many of David Muir’s success stories as he succeeded Diane Sawyer. But, we barely hear of Muir’s sister, of whom he seems to be very proud of. Therefore, let’s find out more about Rebecca Muir from here on. 

Oldest Kid In The Muir Family 

David Muir is an American journalist, and a part of the ABC broadcast television network’s news department. He has been serving for a long time along with ABC and is known for his mannerism. 

The well-groomed man grew up with his older sister, Rebecca Muir Malcolm

Rebecca, born in Syracuse, was raised as a Roman Catholic. The oldest in the family accepts responsibility for their younger, and such was the case with Muir’s sister. She assisted David’s dream of becoming a news reporter. He used to interview Rebecca’s teen friend with his cassette recorder. 

David Muir's sister Rebecca Muir
David and Rebecca shared a special sibling bond since childhood. Image Source: David’s Instagram.

Sadly, David Muir’s sister, Rebecca, is determined to live away from social media though she seems fun. Therefore, we cannot pin her whereabouts, but she has been making her living via a farm with her husband and kids near Skaneateles. Let’s get to know Muir’s sibling’s organic lifestyle. 

Owner Of A Family Farm Since Decade

Farmers and farms are one of the most integral components of the eco-system. Therefore, David Muir’s sister, Rebecca Muir, plays a crucial role in keeping the eco-cycle running. She has been running a family farm called School House Farm for several decades and launched a home delivery service called The Borodino Market. 

David Muir’s sister, Rebecca, has been running the School House Farm since 1998 along with her life partner. Furthermore, the farm claims to be a pesticide-free and free eco-organic farm. Likewise, Rebecca Muir’s farm is famous for its heirloom tomatoes for two decades. 

Besides running a successful farm, the farming couple runs The Borodino Market located between Skaneateles and Otisco lake of Borodino, New York. The ‘organic’ and ‘sustainability’ bandwagon has engulfed the market; however, David Muir’s sister remains loyal to her business and not sway in the trend.

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According to Auburn Pub, Rebecca confessed that the farm’s primary concern is to provide fresh and nutritious food. She further added that the farm is pesticide-free and uses sustainable methods whenever possible, calling themselves an ‘Eco-ganic Micro-farm.’

Thus, Rebecca Muir, David Muir’s sister, is a reputed name in the farming world and indirectly contributes to people’s health. She has been on the journey for more than two decades and is still proud of her roots. Additionally, she isn’t on Instagram, but her farm’s page has more than six hundred followers. 

Well, Rebecca’s entire family, including her kids and her husband, run the family farm and their market smoothly. On that note, let’s sneak a peek into Muir’s relationship and kids. 

Married With Four Grown Kids 

Aforementioned, David Muir’s only sibling, Rebecca, is a farm lady. She has gained great success from the eco-ganic farm and has been working rigorously to improve their products. 

Besides running a successful farm, Muir’s older sister is in a blissful marriage with her husband, Richard Malcolm. Aforementioned, Mrs. Muir Malcolm is very secretive, and thus, not much is known about her marriage too. 

According to Rebbeca Muir’s husband, Richard Malcolm’s LinkedIn, he works as a General Manager at Mirbeau Inn & Spa Skaneateles. Holding the degree of business administration from the University of Arizona, he previously worked as a director for Charter One Hotel & Resort for eleven whole years. 

Also, there are no accounts of their marriage, but judging by the fact that they co-own farm together, they have been married since the 90s. The veteran couple is blessed with four kids, Finan MalcolmMorel MalcolmBrahm Malcolm, and Beryl Malcolm.

David Muir's sister Rebecca Muir
David Muir’s sister Rebecca Muir welcomed four kids with her husband, Richard Malcolm. Image Source: Richard’s Instagram. 

Rebecca is never free working on her farm, and hence, her kids join the team for assistance during the weekend. Rebecca Muir’s children are all grown up and visit their uncle, David, now and then. Also, David is very proud of his cousins as he occasionally posts their pictures with warm captions. 

Well, Richard seemed to have juggled his job and his start-up farm at the time with his wife. But now, they have four intelligent brains and hardworking hands to assist them. Plus, School House Farm is a huge hit. 

Henceforth, let’s hope, David Muir’s sister Rebecca Muir, continues to grow gracefully and serve people with quality food in the coming days. 

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