Dreamdoll’s Plastic Surgery is Real – Pictures of Before and After Surgery Revealed

American rapper and reality television star has made quite the name for herself and is probably one of the popular stars of her show “Love & Hip Hop: New York”. She has gained a massive following and has garnered a lot of fans and is always on the news for her relationships with the likes of Safaree Samuels and Justin Combs. She is also known for the multiple plastic surgeries she has had on her body.

Dreamdoll opened up during an interview that she has had plastic surgeries on various parts of her body. She has had surgeries on her breasts, her lips, her bottom, as well as her stomach. She has a grand total of 14 tattoos on her body to add to the surgeries and she has said that she didn’t mind the pain and even said that pain is a pleasure.

Dreamdoll hasn’t sighed away from talking about her surgeries and has said that she loves doing them to finds no problem is improving her body by the means of surgery itself. She had most of her surgeries between 2015 and 2016 as there was a drastic difference in her body shape, which was a clear indication of her surgeries.

Details On Her Surgeries

Dreamdoll has had numerous surgeries over the years and it has resulted in a drastic change in her body. She mentioned that reason behind her surgeries is due to a boyfriend she had in high school who body-shamed her and cheated on her with another curvy girl. This led to her changing her body through surgeries. Now, Dreamdoll has dated many famous and successful artists.

Dreamdoll’s list of plastic surgeries include the ones she had on her various body parts as well as her face. During an interview, she mentioned that she has had plastic surgeries on her lips, her breasts, her stomach, and her butt. In addition, she also mentioned that she has had as many as 14 tattoos on her body too. It’s a expensive process but Dreamdoll has the massive net worth of $8 million.

Difference In Her Body

One thing that has been clear after Dreamdoll’s surgeries is the drastic difference in her body. Comparing her looks from late 2015 when she hadn’t had her surgeries and form 2016 when the surgeries were already done. Her breasts are bigger, she looks slimmer and her lips are different too.

Dreamdoll surgeries before and after pictures.
Dreamdoll’s body before and after her surgeries.
Image Source: Starcasm

She has mentioned various times that she feels empowered thanks to these surgeries and is more comfortable with her body now. It has helped her create a following too as people want to know about her surgeries.

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