Did You Know Non Binary Muslim Singer And Actor Dua Saleh Was Forced To Leave Their Country Due to the Second Sudanese Civil War?

Dua Saleh's familyDua Saleh was five when their family moved to the USA from Sudan. Image Source: Dua Saleh Instagram.

Dua Saleh is an emerging name in the American entertainment industry. A Muslim singer of Sudanese origin based in Minneapolis, Minnesota, Saleh identifies as non-binary and uses they/them and xe/xim/xyr pronouns. Recently, they also ventured into the acting business.

Dua came into the limelight for their recurring role in Sex Education as Cal Bowman. As their popularity heightened, people are curious to know about their personal details. So, here we present this article about Dua Saleh‘s family and their journey from Sudan to the USA.

Little Insights on Dua Saleh’s Early Life and Family

The singer-turned-actor was born in Kassala, Sudan, to a family of Tunjur ancestry, originally from Chad. Unfortunately, the information about Dua Saleh’s parents and siblings remains a mystery.

When they were five years old, Dua Saleh’s family left Sudan. Then, they moved several times before settling in the Rondo neighborhood in Saint Paul, Minnesota. At first, they went to North Dakota, Maine, and then Newark, New Jersey. While on the move, they began reading Black American YA literature, burrowing into the Qu’ran, and writing poetry.

Talking about their education, Dua attended Saint Paul Central High School. Following graduation, they went to Augsburg University, where they double majored in sociology and gender women’s and sexuality studies.

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Family Fled the Second Sudanese Civil War in The 1990s

As mentioned earlier, Dua Saleh’s family moved to the USA when they were five. The reason to do so was the second Sudanese Civil War that took place from 1983 to 2005 between the Sudan People’s Liberation Army and the central Sudanese government.

Dua and their family left because of the racial turmoil, and they were escaping the militarization of Sudan and the genocide that happened to people in Darfur. After fleeing the second Sudanese civil war, Dua Saleh’s family briefly lived in an Eritrean refugee camp.

Dua Saleh's family
Dua Saleh’s family fled Sudan due to Second Sudanese Civil War. Image Source: Dua Saleh Instagram.

Reminiscing about when Dua moved to the USA with their family, they revealed that whenever everyday individuals interacted maliciously, they found it surprising. One of the first interactions with a white person their family had was while leaving the airport; someone yelled at them to return to Africa. They noted that it was just the most textbook racism.

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How Did All These Events Shaped Dua’s Life?

Dua has experienced everything, from being a refugee to getting racial comments, and they have fueled this in their music. Being surrounded by young life charged with political threat and charge, they were intrigued to know about systemic oppression and bold resistance to marginalization.

Likewise, their interest in community organizing is a result of growing up aware of the danger, organized conflict, and struggle. As a result, when they were attending Augsburg, the singer stepped into organizational and leadership roles in the PAN Afrikan Student Union, NAACP St. Paul Youth and Collegiate Branch, and Neighborhoods Organizing for Change. Likewise, they were also involved in LGBTQIA and MPIRG Student Services.

Saleh has worked with organizations such as Neighborhoods Organizing for Change, the Pan African Student Union, the Minnesota Public Interest Research Group, and the LGBTQIA Student Services at the University of Augsburg and graduated in 2017.

It was their life and background that fueled Dua’s writing. In addition, the music they make is the content that fuels the gay and trans agenda for many trans, queer, and non-binary people in Sudan who are closeted.

All in all, after all the struggle from being a refugee to becoming a star, we wish Dua Saleh the best future ahead. We look forward to seeing what they accomplish in the future. Our best wishes are to the emerging singer-turned-actor.

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