LGBTQ Fans Disappointed After The Rumors Of Sega Bodega Coming Out As Straight. How True Is It?

Rumors Of Sega Bodega Coming Out As StraightSega's sexuality-orientation is unknown to the public. Image Source: Sega Bodega Instagram.

Scottish-Irish music producer Sega Bodega also performs as a singer, songwriter, and DJ. Moreover, he co-founded the record label and collective NuxxeSalvador Navarrete, his birth name, was born on February 16th, 1992. He is famous for blending diverse UK bass and hip-hop parts into his music. Additionally, he has a solid connection to the hyper-pop music scene.

The pop singer is reputed to be a member of the LBGTQ+ community and is well known for his futuristic, bass-heavy, and unconventional approaches to electronic and dance music. However, LGBTQ+ fans were disappointed after an Instagram story he posted started the rumors of Sega coming out as straight. So follow along to dive more into this matter.

Desired To Become A Producer At 16 

Salvador Navarrete was born to an Irish mother and a Chilean father in Galway, Ireland. He remained in Ireland up to the age of 10, at which point he moved to Glasgow. Since 2008, the pop star has desired to become a producer and made his childhood dream come true. Before learning to use DAWs, he played in several bands. Navarrete attended the Royal Conservatoire of Scotland for a period, although he primarily learned how to make music by following internet instructions.


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Navarrete initially went by the name Peace, but he gave it up when the indie rock band of the same name started to gain popularity. In 2012, he would finally agree on the name Sega Bodega. He became well-known for creating songs for Shygirl, a close collaborator, London-based rapper, and co-founder of the Nuxxe record label. In addition, Rihanna used several of his songs in her Fenty Beauty ads and fashion presentations, which helped him gain more fame.

How True Are The Rumors Of Sega Coming Out As Straight?

Sega must be living the life of someone’s dreams because of his considerable amount of fame and wealth. However, being renowned is less enjoyable when constantly facing criticism for even the slightest error. For example, many of Sega’s fans were shocked when he revealed his sexual orientation in an Instagram story. Even though Sega was never out as a member of the LGBTQ+ community, his style and Instagram posts gave the impression that he was.

Having a girly-pop aesthetic, it must have never been easy for Sega. However, his sexual orientation is unknown to the public. Moreover, Sega has also created a music album, Romeo, in which he describes a relationship between him and his girlfriend, Luci. So could it be that Sega Bodega is straight? Hence, we must wait for Sega to open up and reveal this information.

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Battled With Alcoholism

Sega Bodega has been candid about his battles with alcoholism. He has admitted that he frequently concealed his worries behind drinks. Furthermore, Salvador stated that he started to party more when he was in London for two years and was the guy who was always intoxicated. He added on by saying that to indeed re-establish himself as someone other than the person who is always intoxicated takes time.

Sega Bodega Coming Out As Straight
Sega Bodega has always been candid about his battle with alcohol. Image Source: Sega Bodega Instagram.

Furthermore, the singer added that giving up on alcohol was the most challenging thing he has ever done. Sega Bodega has always been vocal about his battles with his mental health. Fans and supporters have also continuously encouraged him and never given him up. In 2018, he co-released his self-care EP with the publication of an op-ed and guide on self-care for the i-D magazine.

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Overall, Sega Bodega must be living a comfortable life, and we hope he is doing well. We wish him the best for his upcoming plans and endorsements and hope he reveals more about himself and his personal life to the media in the upcoming days.

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