What Is The Tea Between Theo Germaine And William Rusan? Are They Dating Eachother?

Theo Germaine's boyfriend William RusanAre Theo Germaine and William Rusan dating? Image Source: William Rusan Instagram.

Love is beautiful, and it sees no gender, age, or other factors. When you are in love, you find solace, peace, and relief in one person who becomes home to you. Likewise, has the actor Theo Germaine found his person?

Best known for playing James Sullivan on The Politician, Theo often shares lovely pictures with William Rusan. Theo and William both are non-binary and uses they/them pronouns. Fans are curious about what is cooking between them. Are they more than friends? Keep up with us till the end to know the tea between Theo and William.

Theo’s On-Screen Relationship Is Complicated

In The Politician series, James Sullivan is one of the campaign managers of Payton Hobart (played by Ben Platt) in the first season and his best friend early on in the series. According to them, although the producers chose a transmasculine actor for the said role of James, the gender identity of the character is never discussed on the show.

In the series, Theo’s character has a complicated dating life. James’s ex-lover is Alice Charles, portrayed by Julia Schlaepfer. They were dating each other when the latter was in a relationship with Payton. Likewise, the show makers have also tried to show connections between James and McAfee Westbrook, portrayed by Laura Dreyfuss.

When it comes to the election, McAfee and James are inseparable. They even work better as campaign managers. However, they remain good friends supporting each other. So, is Theo’s real-life relationship as complicated as their reel life? Let’s find out.

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Is William Rusan Theo Germaine’s Partner?

As mentioned earlier, the actor often shares pictures with William Rusan. Their adorable pictures, along with lovely captions, raised everyone’s eyebrows. So fans began digging into their social media and online sources to discover what was happening between them. If you are one of those curious followers, you’ve come to the right place.

For the fans who have been shipping Theo and Germaine, it’s good news. The couple is madly in love with one another and has been dating for some good years now. Just like them, Theo Germaine’s partner never holds back from showing off their love for one another. So, how did it start for the adorable couple? Let’s find out more about their relationship timeline.

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Met At Goodman Theatre For The First Time

Unlike their show’s character, Theo has been in a stable relationship for some time now. The couple made their social media debut in December 2017. Theo Germaine’s partner shared a collage and stated their cute things happened late at night for a second. It remains a mystery when the pair started dating, but based on this post, the duo has been together since at least December 2017.

Theo relocated to LA after their acting career took off. Despite the distance, the pair managed to spend quality time together when Germaine was back in Chicago. In March 2019, they landed the role of James in The Politician, and William took to Instagram to congratulate them. At the same time, Rusan revealed how the couple met.

Theo Germaine's partner William Rusan
William Rusan fell in love with Theo Germaine the first time they laid their eyes on them. Image Source: William Rusan Instagram.

Theo Germaine’s beau saw them for the first time while they were performing at the Goodman Theatre in Chicago a few years ago. Theo was under a wig, heavy makeup, petticoats, and a corset when Rusan met them. Nevertheless, they found Germaine beautiful and their work enchanting. Rusan then sent a piece of fan mail to Theo, which was the first fan mail the latter ever received.

The duo wouldn’t fall in love for a few years, but eventually, their relationship blossomed, and the rest is history. The pair are head over heels for one another and are often together on several red-carpet events. From their social media, it is evident that the lovebirds are madly in love. In addition, they have even adopted two cats and post several adorable pictures together.

Nonetheless, we wish the duo the very best in their lives. Hopefully, their relationship turns out to be happily ever after. We look forward to more updates on their love life.

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