The Rhythmic Genius Of Drummer Eva Kaufman: A Fun and Fascinating Exploration of Her Musical Talent In The Band ‘Pretty Sick’

Eva Kaufman's CareerEva Kaufman is the drummer of the NewYork based band Pretty Sick. Photo Source: Social Media.

The up-and-coming NewYork-based band ‘Pretty Sick‘ lives up to its name. The three-people band is creating a buzz, as the frontwoman of the band, Sabrina Fuentes, created Pretty Sick when she was just 13 with Eva Kaufman.

As good of a singer and bassist, as Sabrina is, she has found a heck of a drummer in Kaufman. This article talks about the drummer of the band Pretty Sick. So keep reading until the end to discover everything about Eva Kaufman and her band.

Pretty Sick Drummer Eva

Eva Kaufman met Fuentes at the beginning of her teen at Willie Mae Rock Camp for girls. They both were passionate about music and bonded instantly. That’s how Pretty Sick started as a two-women band.

By the next year, the two girls were teaching guitar and drums when they met Ella Moore, who joined the band. The band had Sabrina on lead vocals and bass, Ella on backup vocals and guitar, and Eva on drums.

The bandmates together started playing in the city and started writing music together. They even recorded their first EP after winning a battle of the bands. The three women-led bands were doing wonders around the NewYork city at such a young age, but unfortunately, the time of their separation came when Ella and Eva had to move to a different state for college.

Kaufman never stopped her musical interests and loved being in the band with Fuentes. Eventually, the initial duo of the band reunited again and are now active members of the band. Eva is seen in every show and is loved by the viewers for her immaculate drumming skills. She shows how important it is to have a talented drummer for a rock band.

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Final Bandmates Of Pretty Sick

Eva loved being in the band, so although they had to dismember due to distance and college, Kaufman constantly kept in touch with Sabrina and encouraged her to continue Pretty Sick.

It was hard for Fuentes to find bandmates as she had before, as Eva and Sabrina shared many initial experiences and grew up together. Their bond was quite incomparable. Regardless, Sabrina managed to find bandmates who were willing to work with her in the band.

First, Fuentes met Wade Oates, who plays guitar, and Austin Williamson as a drummer. Then Sabrina also moved to London to study music at university, and there she met Orazio Argentero, a bassist in the band.

Unfortunately, the latter-formed bandmates didn’t last long in the band, which led to reuniting of Fuentes and Kaufman. Now Pretty Sick has three members, including Orazio.

Pretty Sick Band
The band Pretty Sick consists of Sabrina Fuentes, Eva Kauffman, and Orazio Argentero. Photo Source: Eva Kaufman’s Instagram.

The band released its debut album, Makes Me Sick Makes Me Smile, on September 30, 2022. With the album’s release, Pretty Sick also announced a 23-date headline tour of the US in October and November 2022. We wish the band major success in the coming future.

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Is Eva Seeing Anyone?

As a rock band drummer, Eva Kauffman is easily one of the coolest girls you will come across. And with her drumming skills, you will be left with praises only. But apart from her musical talent and career, fans are also curious about her personal life.

However, Kauffman prefers to maintain her romantic relationship as confidential as possible. Her Instagram is filled with pictures of herself and her friends with band promotions but never has she posted anything regarding her dating life.

The fans are yet to know about Eva Kaufman’s partner. It could be that she is yet to find her perfect match, or she is trying to protect her partner’s privacy. So we have to wait until Eva herself reveals her love life.

Until then, let’s keep enjoying the musical bops that Pretty Sick has released. We wish the drummer to meet someone amazing who matches her coolness and appreciates her as much as her fans.

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