What Is Cooking Between Sabrina Fuentes And Orazio Argentero – Are They More Than Bandmates?

Sabrina Fuentas With Orazio ArgenteroSabrina Fuentas is the lead singer and bassist of the band Pretty Sick. Photo Source: Sabrina Fuentas' Instagram.

If you are on the lookout for a new and emerging indie rock band, then check out Pretty Sick. As the name suggests, they are pretty sick. The frontwoman of the band, Sabrina Fuentes, also known as Sicky Sab, formed the band at the age of 13. Now in her 20s, Fuentes is touring around US and UK along with her bandmates Eva Kaufman and Orazio Argentero.

Apart from leading the band and performing on the numerous sold-out shows, this article sheds light upon the relationship between the bandmates Sabrina Fuentes and Orazio Argentero. Are they just bandmates? Or is there something else cooking between them? To know the truth, keep reading until the end.

Pretty Sick Journey

Born and raised in Manhattan, Fuentes first started as a model. But her passion for music was way more than any other thing, so a friend of hers advised Sabrina to pursue Pretty Sick more seriously. The history of the band goes way back. Sabrina formed the band when she was 13 with her best friends Eva Kaufman and Ella Moore. But after they left to go to college, the band sort of went awry, and they started playing with other people.

Pretty Sick has had a rotating cast of bandmates. Previously the band included ex-Virgins guitarist Wade Oates and drummer Austin Williamson. But now the band has Fuentes on the vocals and bass, Orazio Argentero on the guitar, and Eva Kaufman on the drum.

Sabrina intends to create a tangible connection with the crowd beyond the polished veneer of social media. This is what she says Pretty Sick is all about. The band’s debut album, “Makes me Sick Makes Me Smile,” was released on September 30, 2022, under the label Dirty Hit. The label is also known for acts like The 1975, Beabadoobee, and Rina Sawayama.

The band announced their first-ever headline tour of the US in October and November of 2022. Talking about the band, it isn’t flashy or over the top; instead, it captures the essence of their music in their performance.

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What’s Cooking Between The Bandmates?

Sabrina is known for her outspoken and down-to-earth demeanor. She has always voiced her mind in any form she prefers, whether in music or Instagram posts. But the singer keeps her love life quite lowkey compared to other things. The bold and cool Fuentes’s love life is a topic of curiosity among the people now. The rumors about Sabrina Fuentes and Orazio Argentero dating were encircling.

The singer has yet to discuss her relationship status with her co-bassist Argentero openly. But from the interviews given by Sabrina, we can conclude that the two are not just bandmates and are something more. During an interview with Garage, the Pretty Sick frontwoman is said to be living in her boyfriend’s apartment. And it was known that Sicky Sab is sharing an apartment with none other than Orazio Argentero.

Sabrina Fentes boyfriend Orazio Argentero
Fans are wondering if Sabrina Fuentes And Orazio Argentero are dating. Photo Source: Orazio Argentero’s Instagram.

The Pretty Sick duo met while studying Popular Music Course at Goldsmiths, University of London. The relationship timeline isn’t revealed, but the bandmates turned couple are creating music together and are delighted to be together on this journey. Also, learn about another singer and guitarist of the popular band Pool Kids, Christine Goodwyne.

Inclination Towards Rock Music

Fuentes is inspired to make rock music because, unlike pop, rap, or any other genre, she feels rock music still has fluidity and can be determined by each one’s uniqueness. In addition, she believes she is rewriting the genre and doesn’t believe in following the rules when it comes to creating music.

As expected from Sabrina, she doesn’t pursue music that is more palatable to the audience but is raw and authentic. Growing up with strict parents and attending catholic school, Sabrina recalls feeling trapped for most of her childhood and adolescence. She found freedom in rock and roll. And with the band’s fame on the rise, we are optimistic to see Pretty Sick going far in their career. We wish the team all the best and will wait for their next banger.

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