The Dynamic Diva Of Pool Kids: Meet Singer And Guitarist Christine Goodwyne

Pool Kids Lead Vocalist Christine GoodwyneChristine Goodwyne is the singer, guitarist, and songwriter of the band Pool Kids. Photo Source: Pool Kids Band Instagram.

If you are looking for a new rock band with authenticity and rawness in its songs and music, then you need to search Pool Kids and listen to it ASAP. The band’s main vocalist, Christine Goodwyne, is the force behind the creation of Pool Kids. She is a born-to-be all-rounder, songwriter, lead vocalist, and guitarist of the band.

The up-and-coming rock band is something to watch out for. In this article, we talk about the singer and guitarist Christine Goodwyne, including her inspiration behind the creation of the band and her personal life. So keep reading until the end to learn everything about the singer and guitarist of Pool Kids.

Creation of Pool Kids

Many fans who come across the band Pool Kids always wonder about the band’s name choice. When asked about it in an interview, Christine said that she picked the name Pool Kids as the only option cause she didn’t completely hate the name. But the band’s essence isn’t in the name but in the members, and Goodwyne has done a better job choosing her bandmates. Unlike the band name, she absolutely loves her bandmate.

Christine Goodwyne Pool Kids
Christine Goodwyne is the lead vocalist and the guitarist of the band Pool Kids. Photo Source: Pool Kids Band’s Instagram.

The four-piece group originally hails from Tallahassee, Florida. The Pool Kids started out as the duo of vocalist Christine Goodwyne and drummer Caden Clinton. They released their debut Music, To Practice Safe Sex To, in 2018. The album caught the attention of Paramore‘s lead singer Hayley Williams and got a social media shoutout from her. Getting such a boost from someone Goodwyne looked up to meant a lot to her.

Now, the band is complete and stronger than ever with their newest additions, Andy Anaya on guitar and Nicolette Alvarez on bass. Their newest self-titled album was released via Skeletal Lightning on July 22, 2022. The band is receiving many positive reviews and is on its way to success.

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Goodwyne Apart From Singing

Unlike the other band members of Pool Kids, Christine Goodwyne hasn’t made her Instagram public. However, her long-dead Facebook profile gave us some information regarding the singer’s other profession. Christine has worked as a substitute teacher at Chicago Public Schools and studied Editing, Writing, and Media at Florida State University.

The talented musician also has other careers besides being a leader of Pool Kids. According to her LinkedIn, Christine also works as a customer service representative at Combined Insurance. The diva is indeed a woman of many talents. She revealed that she got introduced to pursuing a musical career only in college. But the good thing about finding it out later in life is she got the degree. Learn about another underrated and unique singer Ethel Cain, who is on the rise in the music industry.

Is In A Relationship?

Christine Goodwyne’s love life is still a mystery. We are still unaware if the singer is in a relationship or not. The lead vocalist of Pool Kids has not revealed anything about her romantic life and is always seen talking about her musical career instead. So it could be that the singer is yet to find her perfect match.

The vocalist is seen busy touring various places in and outside of the US. In addition, the band Pool Kids are lined up for many upcoming shows as well. We eagerly await the Pool Kids’ new release and wish they get more recognition in the coming future.

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