Bass-tastic Nicolette Alvarez: The Groove Master of Pool Kids

Pool Kids Bassist Nicolette AlvarezNicolette Alvarez is the bassist of the band Pool Kids. Photo Source: Nicolette Alvarez's Instagram.

Bass provides a sonic connection between the guitar’s treble and the drums’ percussion. In rock music and band, there’s this unfathomable need for a good bassist, not just a bassist. The Tallahassee band Pool Kids bassist Nicolette Alvarez fits the genre. She is the groove master of the band.

The quartet Pool Kids consists of Christine Goodwyne on the vocals, Caden Clinton on the drums, Andy Anaya on the guitar, and Nicolette on the bass. This article focuses on the bass-tastic Nicolette Alvarez, unfolding her contribution to the band and her personal life.

Entry To Pool Kids

The band Pool Kids initially started off as a two-people band with only Christine and Caden. They released their debut album, Music to Practice Safe Sex To, in 2018. The album caught the attention of Paramore‘s lead singer Hayley Williams who praised the band, saying that was what Paramore wished to sound like in the early 2000s.

Now, the band is in its final, most kinetic form with four members, with the addition of Alvarez and Anaya. The band is already loved by many and has their shows sold out quickly. Their Audiences screech to their songs along with the band. The band’s soft rock indie progressions leave the audience in awe.

Alvarez’s bass, alongside Caden’s drumming, carries the songs beautifully. The band shares immaculate chemistry and coordination that enhances the band’s overall performance. You have to hear the band and believe it you won’t be disappointed. Pool Kids creates music that is raw, sporadic, and authentic.

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Shares A Tight Bond With Bandmates

Except for the band’s lead vocalist, everyone’s Instagram is public. And we can see from the posts they frequently share that the band is not only perfect on stage but is even tightly bonded off stage. Their good relationship outside of the band could have led to their perfect combination as a band.

The band recently released their self-titled album on July 22, 2022. It was quite an achievement for the band, as they had to go through quite an ordeal just four days before the album’s release. Their studio was hit by a flood, which ruined their gear but fortunately spared their recordings.

Regardless of what happened, the band worked together to regain their composure and persevered from the obstacles laid in front of them. This could be the reason why their album Pool Kids holds much more value to it. Their album received critical acclaim and is considered the band to look out for.

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Bassist In Love

The Pool Kids bassist shared a glimpse of her romantic life by posting an adorable picture with her boyfriend, Jimmy Montague. Alvarez hasn’t talked about her love life in any of her interviews, but the much-awaited announcement had been made through her Instagram.

Pool Kids Nicolette Alvarez partner
The bassist of the band Pool Kids is in a relationship with singer/songwriter Jimmy Montague. Photo Source: Nicolette Alvarez’s Instagram.

We have come to know that Nicolette Alvarez’s boyfriend, Jimmy Montague, comes from a musical background as well. He is a singer/songwriter who recently released his new record, Casual Use. So while both come from similar musical backgrounds, their love must have bloomed around similar interests.

Nicolette has not shared further details about her love life, but it seems like all’s well in her love life. With her career as a member of Pool Kids on the rise, we wish the talented bassist all the luck for her future and will look forward to the band’s new release.

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