The Beat Goes On: Meet Caden Clinton, Drummer Extraordinaire of Pool Kids – Is He Dating Anyone?

Pool Kids Drummer Caden ClintonCaden Clinton is the drummer of the Rock band Pool Kids. Photo Source: Caden Clinton's Instagram.

Many emerging rock bands are working on creating an impact and making their name in the rock industry. But very few get noticed at most, let alone get successful. One promising band that got hailed by Paramore‘s lead vocalist, Hayley Williams, is Pool Kids. According to Williams, the quartet band is what Paramore wished to sound like in early 2000.

Pool Kids has Christine Goodwyne as the band’s main vocalist, who is also the band’s creator. Others are Nicolette Alvarez on the bass, Andy Anaya on the guitar, and Caden Clinton on the drums. Together as a group, Pool Kids create electrifying magic you should not miss. This article focuses on drummer Caden and his personal life.

Initial Member Of The Band

The four-piece group started as the duo of vocalist Christine Goodwyne and drummer Caden Clinton. Together they wrote their debut album, Music to Practice Safe Sex To, which was released in 2018. A year later, on April Fools’ day, Paramore‘s Hayley Williams gave their album a shoutout on her Instagram story, which was definitely not an April Fools prank but a happy coincidence.

The shoutout attracted new curious listeners and exposed Pool Kids to Hayley’s followers, which boosted the band’s confidence. The addition of Nicolette and Andy to the band has led the band to its optimum form and is now more superior than ever. The Pool Kids was co-signed by Williams in 2022 and are hitting the road for their tours.

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Is In A Relationship?

Caden Clinton is not much of a talker or a bragger. His Instagram account does not tell any tales about the drummer’s personal life. So we do not know anything about Pool Kids drummer Caden Clinton’s relationship. He could be single at the moment or could be dating in private. Either way, we shall have to wait until Caden himself reveals his love life.

Caden is known to be friends with another queer singer, Ethel Cain, and plays music with her. Apart from being seen playing for his friends at times and being a full-time musician, Caden has a bachelor’s degree in Communication and Media Studies from Flagler College, Tallahassee.

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Tragedy Amid Album Recording

We can never be prepared for life’s tragedies that strike us at the most bizarre times. Before recording Pool Kids’ self-titled album, Pool Kids, released on July 22, 2022, Caden Clinton had to go through quite a difficult time in his life. His mother died of an accident before the band could begin its recording. The loss of his mother must have been hard for the drummer, but despite the grief, Clinton mustered up his courage and showed up to finish what he had started.

Pool Kids Drummer Caden Clinton
The Pool Kids released their self-titled album on July 22, 2022. Photo Source: Nicolette Alvarez’s Instagram.

The band finished their recording, but another hurdle appeared. At the end of the recording, the band’s studio was struck by a flood, which ruined their gear. But fortunately, spared their recordings. The Pool Kids had to endure a great amount of ordeal to finish their first studio album. Fortunately, the album is receiving quite good reviews, and with their tours in the line, the band is sure to reach more audiences and will be liked by many. We wish the band all the best for their upcoming success.

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