Meet Sabrina Fuentes: The Voice Behind the Band ‘Pretty Sick’ and Their Rise to Fame Since 2014

Pretty Sick Sabrina FuentesSabrina Fuentes is the frontwoman of the band Pretty Sick. Photo Source: Sabrina Fuentes' Instagram.

With their debut album ‘Makes Me Sick, Makes Me Smile‘ release, the NewYork-based band Pretty Sick has been the talk of the town. For rock music lovers who are genuinely into rock, the frontwoman of the band, Sabrina Fuentes, is doing her part in bringing rock music back to its roots.

If you are wondering about the founder of the band Pretty Sick, then you have come to the right place. In this article, we discuss the Pretty Sick vocalist, her inspiration behind the creation of the band, and her personal life. So keep reading until the end to know about Fuentes up close.

Started Pretty Sick Young

Sabrina found her passion for rock music quite early in her life. She went to a catholic school with strict parents, so she had a sense of restriction while growing up. This could be why Fuentes found liberty in rock music which she considers to have fluidity. Sabrina formed the band Pretty Sick when she was just 13 years old, along with her friend Eva Kauffman whom she met at Willie Mae Rock Camp for girls.

Initially, the band had Sabrina on the vocals/bass and Kauffman on the drums until they met Ella Moore, who joined them for vocals and guitar. The all-women band Pretty Sick started playing in the city and writing their music together until Kauffman and Moore left for college.

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Reunited With Former Bandmate

Sabrina moved to London to go to Goldsmiths, where she studied music. Eva always encouraged Fuentes to continue the band, but it wasn’t that easy for Sabrina to find new bandmates. However, Fuentes managed to meet some new amazing talents who were willing to work with her. Thus rejuvenating the dismembered band.

Sabrina met Wade Oates, who played guitar, and Austin Williamson, who took the drums. With Fuentes on the vocal and bass, the band already had what it needed, but as they say, the more, the merrier. Sabrina welcomed Orazio Argentero as the bassist of the band, and is now her boyfriend. Unfortunately, Wade and Austin decided to leave the group leading to a reunion with the former drummer of the band, Eva Kauffman.

Sabrina Fuentes Frontwoman Of Band Pretty Sick
The band Pretty Sick released their debut album ‘Makes Me Sick, Makes Me Smile.’ Photo Source: Sabrina Fuentes’ Instagram.

Now the band consists of Sabrina, Eva, and Orazio and recently released their debut album, Makes Me Sick Makes Me Smile, on September 30, 2022, and is getting a good response. Pretty Sick also announced their first headline tour of the US along with the album’s release. Learn about Christine Goodwyne, who is in the band Pool Kids.

Pretty Sick’s Debut Album

The band’s frontwoman Sabrina takes her debut album as a homage to her teen self. Forming a band during her teen years. According to Pitchfork, Sabrina’s album ‘Makes Me Sick, Makes Me Smile‘ is like a final weep before the weeplessness of adulthood. The album comes from Fuentes’ experiences and her learnings over the years.

Sabrina is a powerful voice in the emerging rock music genre and is also a compelling lyricist. Along with her bandmates, who are equally talented and who add to the fire Sabrina has, it is only a matter of time before the band reaches its well-deserved potential. We wish Pretty Sick all the best for their upcoming projects and will keep looking forward to their new music.

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