Jacob Batalon’s Girlfriend – Let’s Take A Look At His Dating Life

Jacob Batalon has a loverActor Jacob Batalon is happily in a relationship. Image Source: Jacob Batalon Instagram.

Having made his debut in 2016 by playing Cooper in the movie, North Woods, Jacob Batalon blew up just a year after his breakout role in the blockbuster movie, Spider-Man: Homecoming. His popularity has only grown since then as he continuously appears as Spider-Man’s best friend and sidekick, Ned Leeds, in various of MCU’s movies.

With his growing popularity and his growing fanbase, his fans must be curious about his relationship and dating life. Hence, let’s know more about Jacob Batalon’s girlfriend and his love life.

Who Is Jacob Batalon’s Girlfriend?

According to DatingCelebs, Jacob Batalon, who will be turning 26 this year, is dating Valerie Page Clark. It seems that the couple started their relationship only recently as not much has been revealed about his current partner.

Maybe Jacob Batalon’s girlfriend does not want to be in the spotlight. However, we can not be sure as it is too soon to say so. The couple may want to be open about their happy love life in the upcoming days.

Jacob Batalon Girlfriend
Jacob Batalon is dating a private person. Image Source: Social Media.

They could possibly be enjoying their relationship by going on dates far away from the eyes of the public. We can only wait for the day to know more about the rumored couple.

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Jacob Batalon’s Past Relationships

Not much has been mentioned about Batalon’s past partners, except for the one he openly talked about in few of his interviews. He was not shy to talk about his then-girlfriend, Brooke Reyna.

As it has been reported, Batalon started dating Brooke in March 2021 and appears to have broken up only recently. The reason for their split has not been revealed by either of the pair.

Brooke appeared on the red carpet for the premiere of Spider-Man: No Way Home in London on December 5, 2021. It was the first time she was introduced as Jacob Batalon’s girlfriend. Batalon seemed to have been head over heels for her. During an interview with Wired, he disclosed his then girlfriend’s name and mentioned how he “loved her to death”.

Jacob also used to express his love for Brooke through Instagram posts by uploading pictures and videos of the couple, captioned with a few witty texts. However, the Spider-Man actor has since removed the posts relating to his then-girlfriend, which seems to be a confirmation of their split.

However, Brooke still has pictures and videos with Batalon on her Instagram. Brooke’s account, which had been set to private, has been made public making it possible for us to view her post and highlights. We can see, she hasn’t removed any posts and highlights relating to Jacob.

Jacob Batalon's Ex-Girlfriend Brooke
Jacob Batalon was previously dating Brooke Reyna. Image Source: Brooke Reyna Instagram.

While Batalon removing every post relating to Brooke gives the impression of the couple’s break-up, we don’t know if Brooke’s actions do the same. We have to wait for formal confirmation from the two to be sure about their separation along with the reason for their partition.

Jacob Batalon’s Dating Life

Seeing his past posts of his then-lover, Brooke Reyna, Balaton seems to enjoy going on dates in amusement parks such as Disneyland Park with his partner. Balaton appears to be someone who appreciates simple dates rather than going on fancy ones.

He shows his appreciation and love for his partner by posting adorable pictures and videos of them together on his social media accounts.

It is still quite unclear who exactly Jacob Balaton’s girlfriend is. There is little to almost no information about his alleged lover, Valerie Park Clark. Hopefully, in the future, we get more information about his partner and get to see more of their interactions. Either way, we show full support for a healthy and happy relationship between the two.

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