John Oliver’s Wife Kate Norley – She Saved Her Husband From Deportation?

John Oliver's Wife, Kate NorleyJohn Oliver is happily married to Kate Norley, a combat medic. Image Source: Social Media.

John Oliver, born John William Oliver, is a British-American comedian, writer, and television host. After working on The Daily Show with Jon Stewart, he shot up to fame. In addition, he won three Primetime Emmy Awards for writing the above-stated show. Currently, the West Midlands native is hosting the series Last Week Tonight with John Oliver. 

Apart from his flourishing career, Oliver has a family of four, including his beautiful spouse, Kate Norley, and two sons. The TV host has been married to Kate since 2011. Did you know John Oliver’s wife saved him from deportation? If not, let’s get to know the brave spouse of the comedian in this article.

Is An Iraq War Veteran

They say there is an equally intelligent and talented partner behind every successful and intelligent person. For the four-time Peabody Awards winner, that’s his wife, an Iraq war veteran, Kate Norley, who served as a U.S. Army combat medic.

Regarding her childhood, Kate was born in Arlinton, Virginia, to her father, Walt Norley, and mother, Pam Mannion. Kate Norley’s parents legally ended their marriage when she was just four years old. Moreover, at 16, while riding her bike to a soccer game, an out-of-control driver hit her. As a result, she experienced a severe head injury and lost all her cognitive skills. Afterward, her mother nursed her back to health. Also, she had to relearn many basic skills like reading and writing.

After the 9/11 incident, Kate joined the army in New York City in 2001. She worked in Fallujah, Iraq, as a combat medic, mental health specialist, and counselor to soldiers in Iraq. Even after returning to the U.S., Norley worked as a veteran rights activist and often made several TV appearances.

John Oliver’s wife still works for Vets for Freedom, an American political advocacy organization founded in 2006 by the Iraq and Afghan Wars veterans. The couple shows the utmost respect for each other’s profession.

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First Meeting: Unconventional But Cute

The Oliver-Norley couple’s first meeting was not an average rom-com but is quite interesting. Kate was working with a political advocacy organization, Vets for freedom, at the 2008 Republic National Convention in St. Paul, Minnesota. Meanwhile, John was also present there as he was working with The Daily Show.

As reported by Parade, security cornered Oliver and other camera crew members into a restricted area over a miscommunication about his temporary working visa. The TV host and others were at the risk of being deported if arrested. Luckily, they met a group of veterans, including Norley, who offered to help and hide them from security. That’s how John Oliver’s wife saved him from deportation.

John Oliver's Wife, Kate Norley
John Oliver and his wife, Kate first met in an unusual but cute way. Image Source: Social Media.

In an interview with New York Daily in 2015, Kate Norley’s husband said she is his hero. Moreover, the comedian said he is incredibly proud of his wife for everything she did, has done, and is continuing to do.

Following the first meeting, the couple started exchanging a few emails and began dating after a while. Then, while vacationing in St. Thomas in 2010, John Oliver proposed to Kate Norley. After three years, the lovebirds tied the knot in October 2011 in a private ceremony.

Ever since the smitten couple has been enjoying their time together. In addition, they have created a beautiful family of their own.

John Oliver’s Wife Is A Mother Of Two

In all these years of being married, John and his spouse have welcomed two children, both sons, together. Their first baby boy Hudson Oliver was born in November 2015. Afterward, they welcomed another boy Carol Oliver in June 2018. However, the married duo prefers to be private about the details of their precious kids. Furthermore, the lovely couple’s first son arrived prematurely but survived.

In one of the talks, Jimmy Fallon congratulated John on his son’s arrival. At that time, Kate’s hubby explained why they chose to keep the birth a secret from the public. The former writer of The Daily Show said it doesn’t matter. He added his boy isn’t a royal baby in terms of how far in line he is to the throne. It’s a peasant, he has a peasant child. So, it didn’t even cross Norley and her beau that they should make a public thing about it because that seemed weird to them.

Nonetheless, John Oliver’s spouse is enjoying her life to the fullest with him. In addition, the brave woman has one of the most respected jobs, and her husband considers her his hero. We wish the comedian’s wife a more prosperous life ahead.

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