Jordan Belfort’s Former Partner Anne Koppe Has Already Moved On

Jordan Belfort's ex-wife Anne KoppeJordan Belfort's ex-wife Anne Koppe is a beautiful person with liberal thoughts. Image Source: Anne's Facebook.

Jordan Belfort is an author, a motivational speaker who pleaded guilty to fraud and related crimes regarding stock market manipulation. He published his memoir, The Wolf of Wall Street in 2007, which was later adapted into a film. Leonardo DiCaprio portrayed Jordan Belfort in the movie that was released in 2013.

Besides enjoying a fun career, Jordan is famous for his relationships. Among many relationships, Jordan dated his former partner Anne Koppe, for several years and worked together on different projects. Despite supporting Jordan for several years via open letters and social media posts, we still don’t know much of Jordan Belfort’s ex-beau, Anne Koppe.

Therefore, here is everything you need to know about Anne who believes the ‘weather is controlled’ and ‘aliens are walking amongst us.’

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Who Is Jordan Belfort’s Partner, Anne Koppe?

Anne Koppe is a successful businesswoman who helped resurrect Belfort’s career. Although Anne has maintained her privacy, we managed to find that she’s a businesswoman and served as president for Global Motivation Inc.

Furthermore, according to Koppe’s LinkedIn, the ownership of Global Motivation belongs to her, but the news isn’t confirmed. However, she managed motivational speech contracts through Belfort’s company.

Jordan Belfort’s ex-wife, as he mentioned in one of his podcasts, Anne Koppe, holds a degree in Political science from the University of San Diego. Furthermore, she attended Marin Catholic High School and grew up in Greenbrae, California.

Anne launched her blog named ‘The Quiet Girl’ and uploaded several podcasts. She even appeared on Jordan Belfort’s podcast and revealed some of their political views with great enthusiasm.

Jordan Belfort’s ex-fiance, Anne Koppe, is an opinionated person who talked about ‘controlling through fear.’ She further revealed ‘she doesn’t use masks and isn’t controlled by fear.’

As stated earlier, Belfort’s ex-beau, Anne, believes that the weather is ‘manipulated.’ Furthermore, she thinks the world is pretty close to depicting movies like ‘The Matrix.’

WELP! Let’s move on to their relationship history.

First Met When Jordan Was Trying To Rebuild His Career

As mentioned earlier, the former couple, Jordan Belfort and Anne Koppe, were together for twelve years. They first met after Jordan Belfort’s release from jail, and was struggling to rebuild his career.

Well, mentioned earlier, Belfort’s ex-partner, Anne was a great supporter and one of the most positive influences he had ever met. Hence, Anne was there to back her former lover’s back when the media came after Jordan, citing his troubling past.

Jordan Belfort's ex-wife Anne Koppe
Jordan Belfort’s ex-wife Anne Koppe was beside him to guide him to a better future. Image Source: Anne’s Instagram.

The enormous empathy and support led them to an upgrade of relationship, i.e., engagement. Thye got engaged in 2015 after several years of dating. And even though Jordan Belfort announced Anne Koppe as his ‘ex-wife’ while introducing her in one of his podcasts, their marital news never made its appearance.

Furthermore, Koppe ranted that the world shouldn’t judge a person for the mistakes made in ‘juvenile time.’ Yeah, right, reflection is the key. Besides, the former Mrs. Belfort shared several pictures of them during their relationship with fun captions.

Belfort had met the love of his life, or so he thought at the time and vice versa. However, the couple parted ways after a decade-long relationship and years of support.

Parted Ways And Moved On

Like John Lennon once said, you feel incomplete until you found the better half of yourself. Therefore, like Lennon found his Yoko, Jordan Belfort and Anne Koppe might have found their significant others.

Despite being together for 12 years, the pair decided to part ways mutually. Moreover, according to Jordan, they still work on projects and maintain a good relationship even today. Likewise, the couple has made several headlines about their relationship, but they were mostly related to Koppe’s ex-husband’s past actions.

Although Jordan and Anne parted ways silently, they are already sharing their current lovers on the Internet. Jordan Belfort’s girlfriend, Cristina Invernizzi, is an actress, while Anne Koppe’s boyfriend, Christophe Sepot, is a captain of a sailboat.

Anne Koppe's boyfriend Christophe Sepot
Anne Koppe is happy with her current partner, Christophe Sepot. Image Source: Anne’s Instagram.

Both former partners are delighted together in their respective lives while sharing commendable friendship. But did you know Jordan Belfort’s ex-fiance, Anne Koppe is a proud mother of a son?

Anne Koppe Is A Proud Mother

Life makes you go through several harsh situations to make the best version of yourself. Or so the philosophers said. Well, it looks like life gave many melons to Jordan Belfort’s then-wife and made her a proud mother. She welcomed her first and only child, Bowen Boullianne, from her previous marriage.


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A post shared by Anne Elizabeth (@l1ttle_r3d_)

Like mother, Anne Koppe’s son, Bowen seems to be a free-spirited person and loves traveling. Studying at Bond University, Bowen continues to make his mother proud. Likewise, Anne takes tremendous pride in parenting, and her blog incorporates a few fragments as well.

Well, Anne Koppe is a beautiful person with beautiful eyes and aspirations for life. Therefore, let’s hope to see more of her in the future.

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