Jordan Belfort’s Girlfriend, Cristina Invernizzi, How Did It Begin For The Pair?

Jordan Belfort’s Girlfriend, Cristina InvernizziJordan Belfort’s Girlfriend, Cristina Invernizzi is an actress and a model. Image Source: Cristina's Instagram.

Jordan Belfort, known for his scam and money laundering, shines as one of the most celebrated authors and motivational speakers today. Besides earning from his podcasts and tours, Jordan is known for several controversial issues, including violence in a relationship.

Belfort was initially married to Denise Lombardo and then to Nadine Caridi, followed by Anne Koppe‘s entry. However, his past relationships failed because of his troubling behavior and separated with Anne mutually. But Jordan is continuing to live a lavish life with his new partner, Cristina Invernizzi.

Now, let’s confess we know more about Jordan than his girlfriend. Thus here’s everything you need to know about Jordan Belfort’s girlfriend, Cristina Invernizzi. Also, learn how their relationship began.

Is An Actress/ Model

Jordan Belfort has married multiple personalities, like his first wife is a real estate agent and second wife, Nadine, is a psychotherapist while his third partner, Anne, is a blogger. Belfort’s current partner, Cristina Invernizzi, is an actress.

According to Cristina Invernizzi’s Instagram, she identifies herself as an actress. Furthermore, Belfort’s girlfriend has participated in several beauty contests before entering the modern world. After small events, she appeared in Punta del Este and won the competition. During an interview, Cristina revealed that she was on vacation with her family when she found out about the pageant contest.

Well, Jordan Belfort’s girlfriend, Cristina Invernizzi’s persistence and dedication led her to the fashion world. When asked if she thought of modeling at a young age, she talked about being fond of dance and acting. Invernizzi further said that she’d do a show for her family every Sunday after lunch. However, things changed after parades, contests, and drove her into the fashion world.

Presently, Belfort’s sweetheart is doing pretty well as a model as her Instagram is filled with stunning pictures. Besides enjoying a successful career as a model and accumulating almost 51.5k followers, we might even see Jordan Belfort’s partner on the bigger screen in the coming days. However, we heard that her family was skeptical about her career choice.

Cristina Invernizzi’s Parents Did Not Like Modeling Initially

It’s natural for parents to wish their children not to go with the trend, stick with the ‘reliable’ career choices, and not take risks. According to News Magazine, Invernizzi’s parents were no different. They were wary about the idea of their multi-talented daughter getting into the fashion world.

The fashion world is challenging and filled with immense pressure. However, Cristina loves the thrill and put herself through difficult situations to become the best of herself. After all, diamonds needed a lot of pressure to become the DIAMOND, right?

Jordan Belfort’s girlfriend, Cristina, is cunning. She has a backup plan as she studied Human Resources and initiated her second career as Auctioneer and Public Broker. Keeping up with the Invernizzi family’s legacy along with practicing theatre. After graduating from two degrees, she began living permanently in Buenos Aires.

Furthermore, Invernizzi is very close to her parents. Despite maintaining privacy, she manages to wish her parents on their special days. Cristina also grew up with her younger sister named Ornella Invernizzi, whom she adores very much.


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Not just friends and family, Cristina loves her lover, Jordan Belfort too. But the pair started their relationship in private so let’s get to know more of them.

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Started Dating Since 2019

The Belfort-Invernizzi couple started dating in 2019. According to Jordan Belfort’s Instagram, he posted a picture of them celebrating a year of their relationship.

Jordan Belfort’s Girlfriend, Cristina Invernizzi
Jordan Belfort and Cristina Invernizzi dated for a year. Image Source: Cristina’s Instagram.

Unfortunately, the couple’s relationship started pretty quietly, and therefore, we do not have many details. However, both Jordan and Cristina share their love with their followers on Instagram. The partners are pretty much into one another, and therefore we might see more of the couple’s relationship in the future.

Married In Secret

While much of Jordan’s life has been splashed in the spotlight, surprisingly, he married Cristina Invernizzi in secret. So, secretly that the media only got to know about the wedding months after it happened.

Page Six reported that the couple tied the knot in February 2021 in Las Vegas. Only family and close friends of the pair were at the small ceremony. Moreover, Jordan Belfort’s wife, Cristina had been sporting a massive engagement ring for a while before the news of their marriage was revealed.

During a charity event in Wynwood in October 2021, Jordan reportedly introduced Cristina as his new wife. Since then the couple has been open about their marriage. The Wolf of Wall Street even has the title “husband” on his Instagram bio.

Despite the initial secrecy surrounding their marriage, it is safe to say that Jordan and Cristina are now open about their big day. And we hope that in the coming days, we will get to hear more about their life together.

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