5 Things You Didn’t Know About Mary Hollis Inboden: Actress, Writer, And All-Around Badass

Mary Hollis Inboden's careerThe American actress Mary Hollis Inboden has appeared in several movies and TV series. Image Source: Mary's Instagram.

American actress and author Mary Hollis Inboden is most known for her roles in The Real O’Neals, Kevin Can F**k Himself, and The Righteous Gemstones. She has been in showbiz since 2011 and is gaining more fame as time passes.

The actress is famous for many things, including acting, writing, and more. Fans must be curious to know more things about her. So, here we present you this article about the talented actress.

The Single Child Of Her Parents

Mary was born on January 30, 1986. Mary Hollis Inboden’s parents, Toni Inboden and Hollis Inboden, welcomed her as their single child. Growing up in Bono, Craighead County, Arkansas, where her father and mother still reside, as their only kid, she must have been pampered a lot.

The actress is close to her parents and often shares adorable pictures with them. She even enjoyed quarantine with her parents. Mr. and Mrs. Inboden also adore their baby girl. Unfortunately, on August 25, 2018, she lost her maternal grandfather, Jack Wright. She shared the sad news via her Instagram.

Is A Survivor Of A School Shooting

Imagine you are at school, and as per your daily routine, you are ready for another class. Then, imagine the horrifying moment a few minutes later, where you witness your friends killed or injured due to a shooting. It might sound like some movie scenes, but it happened to Mary.

The beautiful actress went to Westside Middle School and is a survivor of the 1998 shooting at the school in Jonesboro, Arkansas, on March 24, 1998. One of the shooters pulled the fire alarm while the other took their weapons to the woods outside the school.

After the fire alarm was pulled, teachers and children filled out of the school, and the shooters opened fire. In total, 10 people were injured, and 10 were killed. Among the deceased, one was their teacher, and another was her best friend, Paige Ann Herring. She was only 12 years old and a sixth grader, attending five funerals of her schoolmates in one week.

The actress has often been vocal about the incident and how it hampered her. The day was Tuesday when the tragic incident took place. Following that, her mother had to help her get through every Tuesday as she would always fake an illness. While she is not scared of Tuesdays, she still fears March.

It is a horrifying incident, and to be a part of it must have been difficult for Inboden. She actively speaks against mass shootings that have been happening so often and hopes someone will bring an effective law to stop this.

Cast In A Show Revolving Around Her Tragic Event

For someone, remembering a tragic incident might not sound good and even induce anxiety. But, in 2011, Inboden collaborated on a script based on her experiences as a school shooting survivor while working with The New Colony theater group. The Warriors was the title of the play, which premiered in Chicago.

Survivor Mary Hollis Inboden
Mary Hollis Inboden worked on a play based on her experience as a mass shooting survivor. Image Source: Mary Hollis Inboden Instagram.

In 2010, the actress revealed when she was ready to talk about it in her medium, i.e., theater, she pitched the idea of developing a play based on her experience to Evan Linder, the company member and playwright. The latter wrote the script between December 2010 and February 2011, which was opened for a one-month run in March 2011.

Half a dozen of Inboden’s classmates from Westside watched the play. Likewise, following the Sandy Hook Elementary School shooting, they performed a subsequent benefit performance.

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Became An Actress

At the age of 16, Inboden moved to Memphis for college. Then, to pursue an acting career, she headed to Chicago. In 2011, Mary made her television debut by acting in The Chicago Code. After that, she acted in other TV series, including Boss, The Real O’Neals, American Princess, The Righteous Gemstones, etc.

On the 2021 television series Kevin Can F**k Himself, Inboden was cast as a regular. Inboden admitted that she first hesitated to play Patty because she thought the character would be stereotyped, but as the series progressed, she came to appreciate the character’s development.

Besides TV series, Mary has also acted in the movies Marriage Story and I Hate Kids. So, all in all, she must have earned considerably as an actor. So, Mary Hollis Inboden’s net worth must be a substantial sum.

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Wrote A Script

Mary is a person with multiple talents. Along with being an actress, she also has managed to write scripts. For instance, she is one of the writers for Kam Kardashian, the TV show she has starred in.

All in all, we wish Mary the very best and hope she is doing well. We anticipate hearing more about her personal and professional life in the upcoming days ahead. Once again, best of luck to Mary with her plans and adventures.

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