Meet Rhonda McCullough – Photos Of Late Bernie Mac’s Wife Who Was By His Side Till His Last Breath

Rhonda McCullough's husband is Bernie Mac

Late Bernard Jeffrey McCullough aka Bernie Mac‘s wife, Rhonda McCullough is a trustworthy person. It is because she stayed beside Bernie Mac all the time. The couple never had a pin-drop of misunderstanding but had shared a deep love with each other.

Bernie Mac with his wife had a beautiful daughter, Je’Niece Childress on January 21, 1978. Back then, the McCullough family was very happy and prosperous.

Bernie Mac's wife, Rhonda McCullough
Bernie Mac’s wife, Rhonda McCullough stayed with him until his last breath. Image Sources: Ebony Magazine.

But sad to say, the comedian, Bernie Mac passed away on August 9, 2008. After that incident, the family fell apart into fragments. Even though Rhonda and her daughter were helpless, they did not leave each other.

Bernie Mac and Rhonda McCullough Shared The Love For Over 3 Decades

Bernie Mac’s wife, Rhonda McCullough stayed by his side for over 30 years. The couple had a deep love and affection towards each other. She always stood by her high school sweetheart from the start of marriage until the end of it.

Although the complications from pneumonia took the life of Bernie Mac, their love will forever be immortal. She also said that she misses hearing her husband’s huge gut laugh and all the joking and kidding. Not only that Rhonda also reported that he was the biggest love of her life and even mentioned that she always thinks about him.


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As we never stay at the same place constantly, she also had to move on with her life rather than recalling all the past memories filled with pain and sorrow. So, she took another step and married to her now husband Horce Gilmore in 2011. And that’s how Rhonda McCullough started her new family with her current partner, Horce Gilmore. She has an Instagram account where she has posted photos of herself with her beau Horce Gilmore.

Bernie Mac’s Wife, Rhonda McCullough’s Relation With Their Daughter

As mentioned earlier, the mother-daughter took the responsibility to take care of each other. So, obviously, they share a warm loving relationship. Likewise, after Bernie Mac’s death, they lived together. Je’Niece with her two-year-old daughter lived with Rhonda McCullough so that she would never feel left out.

Rhonda McCullough's daughter is Je'Niece Childress

Rhonda McCullough, with Jesse Jackson and her daughter, Je’Niece Childress. Image Sources: Zimbio.

To sum up, We can conclude that Bernie Mac’s wife, Rhonda McCullough has the qualities of an ideal wife. She is also a lovable person in nature. We hope she gets all the happiness and joys that were faded during her first husband’s death.

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