Married Since The Early 80s, Learn More About Rick Renteria’s Wife Ilene Renteria

Rick Renteria's Wife Ilene RenteriaRick Renteria and Ilene Renteria has been married since 1980s. Image Source: Social Media.

If you are the one that keeps track of baseball games, then Rick Renteria is not a new name for you. He is the former manager of the Chicago Cubs and Chicago White Sox and also played for five seasons with different teams.

The successful baseball manager has been happily married to his wife, Ilene Renteria, and the couple shares four kids. Thus, here let’s learn about Rick Renteria’s wife, Ilene Renteria, and their marital life.

Might Have Dated For A Long Time Before Marriage

As mentioned earlier, the Chicago Cubs’ former manager, Rick Renteria, shares a blissful marital life with Ilene Renteria. While it is unknown when the couple met and how long they dated, several sites suggest they got married in 1983.

However, one of the articles suggests that Ilene’s eldest child with Rick is Joseph Renteria, and he was born in 1978, five years before they tied the knot. Thus, the couple might have met before 1978 and began dating.

Rick Renteria's Wife Ilene Renteria
Rick Renteria and Ilene Renteria have four kids together. Image Source:
Daryl Van Schouwen Twitter.

Ilene and Rick are a perfect example of those couples who have remained together for several years without any problems in their marriage. We hope that the duo continues to enjoy their marriage with similar love and care.

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Have Welcome Four Kids Together

As stated above, Rick Renteria and Ilene Renteria got hitched in the 1980s. In all these years of togetherness, Rick Renteria’s wife, Ilene, gave birth to four kids, a daughter, and three sons.

As mentioned earlier, the Renteria couple’s eldest child is Joseph Renteria, also known as Joe Renteria, born in 1978. Ilene’s son, Joseph, was stationed as a petty officer at Naval Station Great Lakes. He had graduated from there in the year 2008.

Furthermore, Joseph has been on a mission to different places like Africa and Panama. He used to play baseball at college and high school.

Similarly, Ilene Renteria’s second child with Rick is Anthony Renteria, and they welcomed him on August 30, 1989. He has followed in his father’s footsteps and is a baseball player.

The Padres drafted Ilene’s son in 2012 with the 1,185th overall pick. The team had also drafted him in the 32nd round of the 2007 Draft, but Anthony opted for college.

Rick and Ilene’s third child is Michael Renteria. He is a sports personality like his dad and brothers but is involved in swimming.

Then, Ilene gave birth to their youngest child, daughter Alexandria Renteria. Just like her brothers, Alexandria was also involved in sports but later turned to dance.

Ilene Renteria’s kids with Rick have grown up and might be doing great for themselves.

Rick Renteria’s Wife Is A Philanthropist

Rick Renteria’s spouse, Ilene, has been with him for several years and through every up and down. She has been credited for supporting Rick through every phase of his baseball career. In addition, she is a philanthropist and has helped several charities.

In December 2019, Rick and his wife, along with the member of the Chicago White Sox organization and Blue Plate Catering, shared their thanksgiving with Mercy Home. Ilene and her husband traveled to Chicago from West Coast to celebrate the Thanksgiving dinner with the staff and kids at Mercy Home for Boys & Girls.

Ilene’s husband mentioned that he was introduced to Mercy Homes through White Sox Charities, and they visited some of the children and were able to make a little connection. Looking at her generous nature, Renteria might have taken part in several other charities. Rick also supports every work that his life partner does.

The couple might be living a great life with their kids and grandkids. Nevertheless, we hope to learn more about Rick Renteria’s wife in the coming days.

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