Meet Sherry Silvey – Facts About Scott Brooks’ Wife Since 1993

Scott Brooks' wife Sherry SilveyScott Brook's wife, Sherry is a private person. Image Source: Social Media.

Scott Brooks, born as Scott William Brooks, is an American professional basketball coach currently serving at the Washington Wizards. He previously played point guard at San Joaquin Delta College before his last two years at the University of California.

Besides the ever-growing career, Scott Brooks’s fans are interested in his supportive wife, Sherry Silvey. She has been by the Wizards’ coach’s side since 1993 and before that as well. Therefore we have done our best to find more about Scott Brooks’s wife, Sherry Silvey.

Has Been Together Since The Highschool Days

‘Never let a good woman go,’ a statement coach Scott Brooks took by his heart. His love story is straight out of television series since the Brooks couple has been together since their high school days.

Furthermore, Scott and Sherry Silvey met at Eastern Union High School in California. Although dating for several years before marriage, the pair shared beautiful memories as a boyfriend-girlfriend. Interestingly, Scott Brooks’ wife and then-girlfriend had broken up with him, and he begged her to come back. At least that’s what Hoops Hype says.

Otherwise, there is nothing particular about the couple that Scott has given out. However, we do know that the Brooks couple has been married since 1993. Therefore, let’s sneak into Scott Brooks’ marriage with his wife, Sherry.

Married Since 1993

Aforementioned, the highschool sweethearts nearly broke up during their youth. However, continuous efforts rekindled their relationship, and three decades later, the couple is still thriving and passionate as ever.

Brooks’ posh wedding on January 27, 1993, at Pebble Beach was the talk of the town for several weeks. Their wedding took place secretly amidst friends and families before heading to Europe for their romantic honeymoon.

The Wizards’ coach, Scott Brooks, is very secretive, and alike is his partner, Sherry, who has managed to shield her whereabouts from the public scrutiny. Furthermore, the pair have kept their marriage details to themselves, but their appearances on events prove that their marriage is very much alive.

Scott Brooks' wife Sherry Silvey
Scott Brooks’ wife Sherry Silvey is secretive in nature. Image Source: NBC Sports Washington.

Also, despite staying secluded, Scott Brooks’s wife, Sherry Silvey, further shares a lot of insight into what their 32-years of marriage looks like in the NBA. The supportive wife, Silvey, revealed that her beloved husband wears colorful woven bracelets on his wrist.

The Brooks couple has walked through some of the most hectic schedules together. Therefore, they must have accomplished several marriage milestones together. One of them is blissful parenthood. Brooks’s wife, Sherry Silvey, gave birth to two kids, a son, and a daughter, throughout their marriage.

Mother Of Two Kids

Although Scott Brooks’s wife, Sherry Silvey, is away from the media scrutiny, we do know that the pair shares two exceptional children named Chance Brooks and Lexi Brooks.

Scott Brooks’s son, Chance, is a University graduate at the University of Southern California, while Lexi keeps a low profile. Furthermore, Chance is a law student with a major in economics and business. As a child of one of the brightest coaches in the NBA, his kids are interested in sports and share their mother’s charm.

Therefore, we would love to feel the warm aura of Scott Brooks’s wife, Sherry Silevy, in the coming days. For now, let’s respect her choice of privacy and hope to see more of her in the future.

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