Veronika Khomyn, Is She Sean McVay’s Wife Or Just A Girlfriend?

Sean McVay's fiancee Veronika KhomynSean McVay and Veronika Khomyn have been together for over a decade. Image Source: Veronika's Instagram.

The name Sean McVay might not be unheard of amongst the NFL fans. McVay is currently serving as the head coach of the Los Angeles Rams in the National Football League (NFL). The talented 35-year-old holds the record of being the youngest head coach in the NFL. He was hired as the head coach by the Rams when he was just 30.

Apart from fields and dressing room, Sean can also be seen in his partner, Veronika Khomyn‘s social media. The loving duo is frequently spotted in public together. She actively supports her partner and his team, Rams, on her social media. Furthermore, she also attends Sean’s games with the Rams.

Therefore, today we will be talking about Sean McVay’s partner Veronika Khomyn. Are the pair just dating or are they married? Let’s find out in this article.

Is From Ukraine

Veronika Khomyn was born in Kyiv, Ukraine on 1st March 1990 according to Total Pro Sports. She completed her schooling at the Kyiv High school in her native town.

Veronika was interested in modeling from a very young age. She began her modeling journey at the age of 18, acting in commercials in Ukraine. After completing high school, Veronika moved to the US to pursue her dream in the fashion industry. Thus, Sean McVay’s partner joined George Mason University in Fairfax, Virginia, to learn fashion designing. She also modeled for the UFC gym and DC clubbing.

On the other hand, during this period, Sean McVay worked as an assistant coach for the Washington Redskins. The couple met each other in Washington in 2011 while they were busy with their own lives and began dating. Since then, the love birds have been together for more than a decade.

Sean McVay's fiancée Veronika Khomyn
Veronika Khomyn met Sean McVay in Washington during Sean’s time with the Washington Redskins. Image Source: Veronika’s Instagram.

Currently, Veronika is an Instagram celebrity with over 56K followers. Moreover, she is also famous as the partner of Rams head coach Sean McVay.

Sean McVay’s Partner Is Into Real Estate Business

Veronika Khomyn completed her bachelor’s degree from George Mason University in international business. Furthemore, she joined Arizona State University to complete her master’s degree in global management. She has merged her leadership and management skills turning herself into a realtor.

Sean McVay’s partner owns her own real estate business. Through her website, she tries to find suitable buyers and sellers. Veronika tries to turn her clients’ dream houses into realities. She seems to be enjoying her work quite a lot. She has also linked the website in her Instagram bio.

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Is Veronika Khomyn Married to Sean McVay?

Unfortunately, no. Veronika is not Sean McVay’s wife yet. However, the answer might change in the near future as the couple is engaged and is planning to get married soon.

After dating for approximately eight years, Sean surprised Veronika one day with an engagement ring while the couple was on vacation in Cannes, France. Veronika expressed her delight in an Instagram post. She posted a picture of herself and Sean captioning she cant wait to call Sean her husband.

Veronika frequently shares pictures from her holidays with Sean on her Instagram. It seems the pair’s relationship is in bliss. Moreover, she refers to Sean as McBae on social media, a play on his surname, McVay.

Sean McVay’s fiancée is also his biggest supporter. So she doesn’t miss any opportunity to watch the Rams playing and supporting her soon-to-be husband. Veronika attends many of Sean’s games with her friends and family. A few months back, she posted a story on her Instagram, mentioning that she watched the game at 4 am from Ukraine with her dad.

The Love Birds Live Together In A Luxurious Mansion

Following his move to the Los Angeles Rams from Washington Redskins, Sean bought a lavish 4,400 square foot mansion in Encino, California. The couple currently resides there together. The $2.7 million has six bedrooms and six bathrooms along with a splendid pool. Their multimillion mansion is in the heart of Los Angeles.

A short glimpse of the house can be seen in an HBO documentary, Hard Knocks: Los Angeles. Sean McVay’s fiancée, Veronika Khomyn also made a short appearance in the show.

Although the couple has not welcomed any kids into their lives, they are parents to their dog, Kali. Veronika can be seen posting pictures of their pitbull getting belly rubs, taking a nap, or going on hikes with them.

Before moving to Los Angeles, Sean used to live in Virginia. After the move, he had to go back to Virginia to sell his old house and get a new one in LA, but he could not go back due to work issues. Veronika went back with Sean’s friends and family to Virginia during this moment. She sold the house for Sean and helped him move from his previous place to their new stylish mansion, where they are living happily together.

We hope to see the couple get married soon and wish them all the best with their relationship in the future.

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