Mary McCartney Net Worth – Besides Being A Photographer What Are Her Oher Earning Sources?

Mary McCartney Net WorthMary McCartney followed in her mother's footsteps into photography and proliferated her net worth significantly. Image Source: Paul McCartney.

Paul McCartney has immortalized his name in the musical world since his involvement with The Beatles. Besides, he has also established himself as one of the most successful and doting fathers of four kids. Furthermore, McCartney’s children, including Mary McCartney, grew up to pursue their own careers per their respective interests.

As of now, Mary McCartney has established herself as a successful British photographer. The daughter of a music mogul is yet to reach her father’s worth, but she has earned multi-million as well. If you are wondering, Paul McCartney’s net worth is $1.2 billion, so let’s see what Mary McCartney’s net worth is. You might as well shock yourself seeing her achievements and her philanthropic acts. Thus, enjoy.

Mary McCartney’s Net Worth & Earnings

Paul McCartney’s daughter, Mary McCartney, grew up to become a critically acclaimed photographer and a cookbook writer. Born to Paul and his first wife, Linda McCartney, her mother’s career choice is massively influenced.

Therefore, Mary McCartney’s net worth is massive and quite impressive. Moreover, she has innately taken over the photography world but has tried her luck in the cookbook and directorial works. Therefore, here, let’s look into McCartney’s earnings and other sources of income besides photography.

Earnings From Photography

As mentioned earlier, Paul McCartney’s daughter, Mary McCartney, sought after her mother’s interest, i.e., photography. Born in 1969, McCartney has established herself as an accomplished British photographer. She has been working as a professional for over two decades.

Moreover, the self-taught photographer is best known for her portraits and has established five photo books. She has exhibited her works in some of the reputed institutions like The National Portrait Gallery, Gagosian. Furthermore, Mary also had the honor to take the official photograph of Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II.

Moreover, the star-studded photographer has worked on several commercial projects for esteemed brands like Instagram, Stella McCartney, The Brits, Ren Cosmetics, Mandarin Oriental, Peony, Zeiss, and many more. Besides brands, Mary McCartney’s editorial works include Crafts Magazine, Rolling Stones, British GQ, Polish Vogue, National Geographic, L’uomo Vogue, and many more.

Hence, Mary McCartney’s net worth is mainly influenced by her work as a high-profile photographer. Interestingly, the average salary of a photographer is $66,709. The pay can range between $53,317 and $75,816. Also, the payment is vastly dependent on experience and expertise. Hence, McCartney’s salary per shoot must be pretty impressive. Since she’s worked for some of the biggest brands in the fashion world, it must have aided in accelerating her fortune.

Earnings From Television Appearances

Alongside beautiful portraits, Mary McCartney started transitioning her portraiture skills to filmmaking. Her style basically concentrates on the world of illustration fused with deep emotional undertones.

Thus, the London-based photographer served as the director/photographer for the Mandarin Oriental Hotel Group, collaborating with international celebrities including Morgan Freeman, Lucy Liu, Geoffrey Rush, Dev Patel, to name a few.

Mary McCartney Net Worth
Mary McCartney built a multi-million empire because of her passion for photography and filmmaking. Image Source: Mary’s Instagram.

Similarly, the delicate ‘Peony’ featuring Arizona Muse caught the attention of UK fashion trades and was acknowledged by the entire nation. Besides, Mary also worked in Wingspan, a TV documentary, as a producer in 2001.

The multi-millionaire Mary McCartney has her own cooking show, Mary McCartney Serves It Up on Discovery+. The Global Ambassador for Meat Free Monday has always been a passionate vegan. But more on that later.

Regardless, infusing her portraiture talent into motion also earns McCartney quite handsome money and an impressive portfolio. However, her fortune worth multi-million was not just limited within her venture.

Author of Handful of Books

Alongside cooking, photography, and filmmaking, McCartney benefits from her books as well. Aforementioned, Mary has always had a keen interest in cooking since she was a child. Hence, as an adult, she has managed to book her own cook show in Food Network.

Consequently, Mary McCartney has written quite a number of books. Thus, here is the list of some of the books alongside their respective price.

  • At My Table: Vegetarian Feasts for Family and Friends: $29.95 (Hardcover)
  • Food Vegetarian Home Cooking: $52.74
  • The Meat Free Monday Cookbook: $24.67
  • Linda McCartney’s Family Kitchen: $27.99

Apart from delicious recipes, Mary McCartney’s wealth is also aided by her photography books. She published her first book, Mary McCartney: From Where I Stand, in 2010. It costs $28.56 on Amazon. This book comprises an outstanding collection of portraits of Paul to Linda McCartney, Gwyneth Paltrow, Elvis Costello, among others. Some other photography books and their prices are as follows:

  • Mary McCartney- Monochrome & Color: $134
  • Twelfth Night: $29.95
  • The White Horse: $60.60
  • Paris Nude: $35.00

Except for books and prints, Mary also sells the following products via her website.

  1. Into the View: $545.94
  2. White Stallion: $545.94
  3. Profile on Red: $545.94
  4. Composed Print: $1585.36

Thus, as an author, Mary McCartney’s earnings are massive, which explains her multi-million empire.

Mary McCartney’s House & Lifestyle

The portraiture specialist, Mary McCartney, lives like royalty. In a sense, she comes from music royalty, and thus, she owns estates in a different locality. She enlisted her family home, a beautiful townhouse initially listed in the market for £7.2 million ($10 million approx).

Likewise, the five-bedroom detached house was later in the market for the slightly modest price of £4.35 million ($6 million approx). Interestingly, £400,000 ($566,966) was taken off the asking price, making it £3.95 million ($5.5 million approx).

Since Mary raised her four kids in the townhouse, plus she & her husband, Simon Aboud, were enthusiastic about the bigger place. Mary and her small family of six, including Arthur Alistair Donald, Elliot Donald, Sid Aboud, and Sam Aboud, live in Rye, and her father, Paul McCartney, isolating himself during the global pandemic.


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Although Mary McCartney refused to publicize the exact worth of her asset, she has earned ample reputation that requires no scale. Plus, she is in a loving relationship with her family, worth gazillions in the world.

Hence, let’s hope Mary McCartney’s net worth continues to grow to equal her happiness in the coming days.

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