Meet Sid Aboud – Photos Of Simon Aboud’s Son With Mary McCartney

Simon Aboud's Son Sid AboudSimon Aboud's Son Sid Aboud is funny, cute, and shows interest in music. Image Source: Simon's Instagram.

Mary McCartney is a renowned photographer as she followed her mother, Linda McCartney‘s footsteps in the photography world. Like her father, Paul McCartney, she married twice to find the love of her life, Simon Aboud.

The Aboud couple welcomed two children, Sid Aboud being the youngest. Well, Mary has always been secretive. Plus, her media experience has awarded her for raising her kids away from the media scrutiny.

However, we have tried our best to find details about Sid. Therefore, enjoy reading about Mary and Simon Aboud’s son, Sid Aboud.

Youngest Child Of Mary McCartney & Simon Aboud

Aforementioned, Mary McCartney and Simon Aboud welcomed two kids, Sam and Sid, throughout their years-long marriage.

The youngest in the family, Sid Aboud, was born on September 3, 2011, a year after their private marriage at Marylebone Register Office in June 2010. P.S. Mary’s parents, Paul McCartney and Linda McCartney, got married in the same office in 1969. Mary birthed her youngest child at age 42.


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The Aboud couple seems to be on a different page when sharing their kids’ whereabouts on Instagram. While Mary shares her work, her husband, Simond, updates his fans with his children’s mischiefs.

Hence, Simon Aboud’s kid, Sid, is constantly featured on his Instagram, cleverly. Well, to be frank, Simon kind of wants to share his children’s mischief but still kind of wants them to remain a mystery. Thus, when we say ‘featured constantly,’ it might and might not mean their backs, superhero masks, awkward positions, and mildly describing captions.

Overall, Simon Aboud’s son, Sid Aboud, is having a great childhood involved in outdoor games & music. He seems to be the heart of recreational events in the family.

Did we fail to mention Sid is the youngest amongst the five? If not, let’s find out more.

Has Siblings Besides Him

As mentioned earlier, Simon Aboud’s baby boy has a fun upbringing as his father embraces childhood and seems to be teaching them the proper manners.

However, Sid is not the only child in the family; he has three older brothers & a half-sister to look up to. His oldest half-brother was born from his mother’s first marriage with Alistair Donald, Arthur Alistair Donald. Arthur is currently studying at Yale University and is making a career away from the camera world.

Simon Aboud's Son Sid Aboud
Simon Aboud’s Son Sid Aboud is the youngest of five siblings. Image Source: Simons’ Instagram.

Likewise, Sid Aboud’s half-brother from his mother’s side, Elliot Donald, is superbly private about his whereabouts and barely appears in any events with his parents.

Moreover, Sid Aboud’s brother, Sam Aboud, was born two years before their parents tied knots in 2010. Therefore, being the youngest of the four, Sid must receive love from his siblings and parents. He also has an older sister from his father’s side.

Similarly, he also possibly maintains a great relationship with his grandfather, Paul McCartney.

Sid Aboud’s Parents Work Behind Camera

Simon Aboud’s son, Sid Aboud, is a fantastic personality at a very young age. Given that the young one is only nine years old, he receives immense love from his family members. But did you know his parents are all involved in the media field?

It is no secret that Sid Aboud’s mother, Mary McCartney, is a photographer. She followed her mother, Linda’s footsteps, and always aspires to capture the rawest pictures of her subjects.

Moreover, Mary McCartney’s Instagram is filled with her photography and exhibits, and very little about her personal life. However, Sid’s father is slightly open when it comes to sharing pictures on social media.

Also, Mary McCartney’s husband, Simon Aboud, is a director and writer known for his work for The Beautiful Fantastic, Comes a Bright Day, etc. Moreover, Aboud’s IMDb also has ten credits as director and five as a writer.

Well, Simon Aboud’s son, Sid Aboud, is growing up watching his parents, a successful photographer, and a director. He also has a musical icon to look up to close and he seems to love the bass guitar. Therefore, it is only a matter of time until we see Sid grow up into a humble human with a robust career.

Name Meaning – Sid

The name Sid means wide meadow and has Old English origin.

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